Cuba has always been a somewhat mysterious island which many fantasie about visiting. Not too many people get to experience Cuba and this makes it even more appealing to intrepid travellers. Those that do visit find a beautiful, colourful and vibrant country with signs of its history everywhere. For those that like adventure with their holiday, these are the reasons that Cuba should be at the top of your list.


First is the magnificent capital city of Havana, which is one of the most remarkable and lively cities in the world. Here you will see stunning American muscle cars lining the streets, Spanish-colonial architecture, a charming 16th-century core and many hidden gems. There is plenty to see and do, but simply strolling the streets and popping into the bars, cafes and restaurants will satisfy culture vultures.


Whilst Havana is the focal point of most Cuban holidays, there is much more to the Caribbean island than this. It features a breathtaking and verdant countryside that is perfect for adventure. There are many UNESCO World Heritage sites, thick jungle, rolling plains and the Sierra Maestra Mountains to explore here, as well as the legendary white sand beaches! For adventure seekers, Cuba offers plenty of opportunities for going off the beaten path and uncovering the island’s best-kept secrets.


Embracing a new culture is a key part of any adventure and Cuba happens to have one of the most distinctive and vibrant cultures in the world. Salsa music, cigars, rum, Caribbean cuisine, literature, dancing and baseball are all huge parts of what makes up the culture here. It is hard not to get caught up in this as everybody in Cuba is so friendly, warm and welcoming. You are sure to make many new friends and learn a lot on a Cuban adventure.


Cuba has a very long, dark and fascinating history which plays a key role in the nation’s identity – it remains under communist rule to this day. This history still impacts relations (most notably with the US) and is a reason that it remains somewhat closed off from the world. Uncovering this history is an important part of a Cuban adventure holiday and this can be done at the many great museums and tours in cities around the country.

Cuba is one of the most fascinating, beautiful and welcoming countries in the world. Those that seek adventure will love the island and never have a dull moment.