Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, have become popular in the past few years. There are a few things that seem more convenient about e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes and they include:

1) Cuts the smell of tobacco on clothing
2) Nicotine levels can be controlled
3) E- cigarette smokers can choose their flavor
4) They’re battery operated, so function lasts longer
5) They process nicotine to vapor without burning tobacco

People who smoke e-cigarettes have been known to use these devices as a replacement to burning nicotine, but not to replace smoking. Although, some will say that e-cigarettes helped transition from a smoking to non-smoking lifestyle.

Is There a Benefit to Smoking E-cigarettes to Lower High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, happens when blood pressure pushes against the walls of blood vessels much more forcefully than it should. This affects the arteries and the heart, amongst causing other problems. Smoking regular cigarettes can damage the arteries and regular cardiovascular activity, culminating in further disease or fatal outcome.

Smokers tend to use e-cigarettes as a method to reduce nicotine consumption or to eliminate smoking altogether. This method of “winding down” is particularly attractive to a cigarette smoker because nicotine withdrawals can be fierce, and can cause coming back to cigarette smoking simply because the “jonesing” is too much.

Can E-cigarettes help?

Hard evidence that e-cigarettes help reduce blood pressure hasn’t strongly hit the popular market. In fact, there is still research being done. What we do know is that e-cigarettes can help a smoker slow down on the nicotine intake which, in turn, can contribute to making the arteries feel less pressure. This is because of the control levels granted by them, which allow the reduction of nicotine entering the body.

Additionally, e-cigarettes may help tobacco smokers reduce their craving for a replacement habit, which helps in an unexpected way: Some smokers who quit tobacco after years of smoking it, say they experienced weight gain after quitting. This may be due to an oral fixation issue (having something in the mouth frequently), where eating takes the place of the habit.

This doesn’t help. It doesn’t help smokers with hypertension because all that’s happening there is the replacement of one habit with another, both putting pressure on the arteries. If quitting smoking occurs, but weight gain begins, the reclamation to health smokers were hoping to obtain is now obscured by weight gain.

E-cigarettes may help with this oral fixation. Because tobacco isn’t burning and nicotine can be adjusted, this may be a better transition for smokers. These products may in turn help with the oral fixation and nostalgia of the habit, without replacing it with food. This, then, assists in getting off the habit slower than quitting cold turkey, but also possibly without the weight gain, therefore eliminating the pressure on the arteries. Lowering our blood pressure may also lead to better sleeping, which is widely known to be necessary for the human body, mind and emotional state.

In medical findings and research done to try to exact whether e-cigarettes help the reduction of high blood pressure, the results show that when quitting tobacco, post-termination weight gain can occur. In patients smoking these products, the weight gain is present, but smaller.

Therefore, assisting in the positive effects that quitting smoking can have on blood pressure and controlling blood pressure. The findings continue to say that decrease in tobacco smoking due to replacement with e-cigarettes may have led to improvements in blood pressure in certain subjects.

The Verdict

So, can smoking these products help lower high blood pressure in patients?

This is still a tough one. However, they help avoid the replacement of food and therefore weight gain, when trying to quit regular smoking, which helps the arteries. Lowering our blood pressure may also lead to better sleeping, which is widely known to be necessary for the human body, mind and emotional state.

Educating yourself is essential if you decide to make the switch to e-cigarettes. A good example of this is in Germany, a country where e-cigs are gaining in popularity thanks to the benefits they have over traditional cigarettes. The German site ezigarettevergleich.de is a dedicated platform that is helping consumers all over the country learn about e-cigs and how they can support a healthier lifestyle.

Overall, whether you’re looking to quit smoking altogether or to slow down your consumption of tobacco and nicotine, e-cigarettes may be a gateway to freedom and a kinder alternative to cold turkey.