As you’re probably aware it is possible to capture video footage directly from your computer screen using screen recorders. However if you attempt to do so you may notice that the videos you capture don’t quite live up to your expectations in terms of quality, and may appear blurry and unclear, or have banding issues.

If you want to record crisp and high quality videos from your computer screen, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind:

Record in the right resolution

Resolution is important in screen recording because the resolution that you record is related to the resolution of your screen. That is to say if you’re using a 1080p display and recording in full screen, you’ll effectively be recording a 1080p resolution video. On the other hand if you’re only recording part of your display, you’ll be recording at less than that. Generally the higher the resolution the better, in terms of the video quality – but you should stick to normal standards (i.e. 1080p or 720p).

Set frame rate to maximum

If quality is what you’re after then you should keep your frame rate setting at maximum (i.e. 60 frames per second). Needless to say this will increase the file size of the video that you record, but it will prevent issues such as banding or blurriness.

Save the video with the right format and settings

Once you’ve recorded the video, you’ll want to save it with the right format and settings. To be more specific you should make sure the resolution is the same, maximize the bitrate, and choose a format and codec that allows for high quality video (i.e. MP4 with H.264).

To pull all of this off is easy enough if you opt to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It will act as a desktop recording software and allow you to easily specify the resolution, frame rate, and other recording parameters. When you’re done it will then let you choose any format and settings you require, or let you use presets to optimize your video for specific devices.

In addition to its recording features, Movavi Screen Capture Studio has a built in video editor as well. With its tools you can cut and join video segments, enhance the video quality, add audio tracks, apply special effects, and much more.


By being able to record high quality videos as well as giving you the means to edit them after the fact, Movavi Screen Capture Studio can ensure your videos turn out exactly the way that you want them to. If you haven’t already tried it be sure to do so, as it will make recording high quality videos from your computer screen a piece of cake.