It’s cheerleading season again, and as a fellow cheerleader I know this means it’s showtime. Cheerleading is one of the great sports you can partake in as you reach adulthood.

It’s a great sport that gives girls the discipline they can learn to apply in everyday life, a constant routine that helps them reach their goals, and a safety net of supportive friends and coaches that care about their well being and performance.

Whether you want to be a cheerleader or already are, here are the top five tips to be the best at the sport no matter what team you are on. Let’s dive in.

1. Wear The Proper Gear

Being a cheerleader and not wearing the proper gear is like being a scuba diver without the scuba. You are setting yourself up for poor performance and worse yet, possibly failure. Wearing the proper gear is important in order to keep your A game on, feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, and increase your chances of success. Luckily, with awesome sites like, you can pick out top quality gear and be one step closer to perfecting your cheer game and competing like a pro.

2. A Strong Core Is More Important Than You Think

Yes, there is absolutely an aesthetic aspect to the cheerleading world, like the hair, the sparkly makeup, and the kickass uniforms, but I dare argue, there is something even more important to strive as a cheerleader than the overall look, and that is your inner strength.

I like to call this your core, because it refers to your physical core, and strengthening that, as well as being fit and strong should be a core component of your cheer strategy. A strong muscle build and healthy regular exercise will ensure you give your best performance, and that you are equipped with the physical energy to keep up with strenuous dance routines.

3. Stay Flexible

Tied closely with inner strength is staying flexible and stretching often. And by often I mean every single day, even if you don’t have cheer practice or it’s the off season.

Being flexible isn’t something you should only show off during cheerleading tryouts, but it’s something you should work at year round. That way you will always be prepared, and your body will be less strained.


4. Garner Real Friendships With Your Teammates

We all know that one of the extra perks of playing any sport are the lifelong friendships you get to make and keep. These genuine connections are critical to your success inside and outside the sport, as it will be your emotional support net, and an overall group of people you can always go to for encouragement.

As we always say, having a strong support system is key to succeed in any area of your life. It’s no different in the world of cheerleading. Going out of your way to check on a fellow cheerleader and catch up can make the world of difference. Remember, it’s often the small actions that mean the most.

5. Practice Safety At All Times

We can’t stress safety enough. Safety is one of your cheering pillars that shouldn’t go ignored, but unfortunately it often does. One of the key things to understand about safety is that it keeps you in the cheering game for the long run.

You definitely wouldn’t want one little careless injury to keep you off for the season. It can throw off all the momentum you were building up through the sacrifices you’ve made and the training you endured.

If there is something you take away from this five tip guide, let it be that safety is always number one, whether you are at a formal cheer practice or just being silly and having a good time with your cheerleading mates.

Get Your Cheer On

Now that you know the top five tips to whip you into the best cheer shape possible, it’s time to take action and pay attention to the areas where you are the weakest or need to work on the most.

Cheerleading is a beautiful sport that garners teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline. To be the best you can be, make sure you keep these five tips in mind and practice them diligently. Before long, you’ll be able to see awesome progress.