Located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, Virgin Gorda is the third largest island of the British Virgin Islands. Extremely popular around the globe for its Baths, white sand beaches and laidback lifestyle, Virgin Gorda had been discovered as an island destination in the 1960s. However, the island has managed to stay under the average tourists’ radar and it is one of the few places in the Caribbean where you can visit to have a truly undulated, serene island getaway. Just book one of the short-term rentals in Virgin Gorda and you can be sure to have a beautiful seaside vacation away from the crowd. And if you are wondering about how to plan a trip to this island, here are a few tips and tricks to help you plan your dream getaway to the Caribbean.

Virgin Gorda

Why should you visit Virgin Gorda

The number one reason to visit the picturesque Caribbean island of Virgin Gorda is the solitude which you can experience during your trip. As the island is not very popular as a tourist destination among the average tourists, you will get to enjoy an island vacation which is completely different than other island getaways. You will find secret beaches where quite possibly you will be the only one, you won’t have to interact with too many people and you will get to enjoy a very private, very relaxing holiday.

Another reason to visit this beautiful island is the awesome beaches it houses. The white sand beaches of Virgin Gorda are stunning to look at and generally really quiet where you can enjoy some relaxing time. However, the Baths are the most popular beach here, so expect to face a lot of tourists there.

Although relatively crowded than the other beaches of Virgin Gorda, the Baths are one of the main reasons for which you have to visit this wonderful Caribbean island. Full of pools created by huge boulders- some of them as large as a house – the Baths is a natural wonder which you have to see while you are here.

When to go

The British Virgin Islands generally enjoy a beautiful weather all around the year. That is why there is no specific time period when you should not take a trip to this beautiful island. Virgin Gorda sees moderate temperature and beautiful tropical weather almost all the time of the year. However, most of the tourists visit this island during the winter months, to enjoy the hot yet enjoyable weather of Virgin Gorda. The summer months are equally great to take a trip to this island, however, you should know that a lot of resorts lose their doors during this period of the year due to the risk of hurricanes.

What to do

Enjoy a bath in the Baths

The Baths are one of the main attractions for which tourists travel to Virgin Gorda. And this jaw-dropping natural wonder will surely strike you with awe when you first see them. A labyrinth of huge boulders lines this beach, creating a beautiful puzzle full of secret coves, pools and natural baths. The sand is white and beautiful, the water is insanely clear and blue, and the secret pools are amazing, to say the least. Explore this beautiful naturally formed puzzle by yourself or with your loved one to find a private pool and enjoy one of the most memorable baths in your life while you are here.

Enjoy some water sports at the North Sound

The North Sound is like a world within a world on Virgin Gorda. Starting from mesmerising beaches to wonderful restaurants to a ton of water sports, North Sound is the place for you to be if you want a day full of activities. Starting from snorkelling to kiteboarding to scuba diving, there are many water sports activities which you can try out here. Kitesurfing is especially recommended here as it enjoys really steady tradewinds and a number of launching beaches.

Take a trip to the Bitter End Yacht Club

While you are at the North Sound, you must check out the Bitter End Yacht Club. Located only a mile away from the protected waters of the North Sound, the Bitter End Yacht Club is a beautiful place which you must visit to enjoy a day full of luxury and relaxation. You can rent a Hobie cat, go for a bit of kayaking, enjoy a delicious upscale lunch or even enjoy some watersports while you are here. The secluded environment of this upscale spot will surely take your Virgin Gorda trip to a different level.

Visit the Coppermine Ruins

Located on the southwestern tip of Virgin Gorda, the ruin of this abandoned copper mine is a wonderful place where you can learn a lot of things about the history of this British Virgin Island. The mine was set up in the 1800s when the settlers from Cornwall set up a flourishing copper industry here. The mine was closed in the year on 1862, however, the ruins of this mine have been turned into a national park. The ruins include the mine shafts, engine house, powerhouse, cisterns, chimney, the housing complexes of the Cornish labourers and many more.

Relax at the beaches

The main reason for visiting Virgin Gorda is to get away from the crowd and relax. And the best way to relax while you are on your vacation on Virgin Gorda is by spending some time at the quiet beaches of this island. All of the beaches on this island are really wonderful with their white sand and beautiful blue waters. Apart from the Baths, almost all the beaches are really less crowded. You can go for a walk along the beach, relax and sunbathe on the sun or enjoy some beautiful food at the seaside cafes overlooking the majestic Caribbean Sea.