How to Avoid Undesirable Behaviors of Your Dog


Max Polyakov and his wife had a happy life before one accident changed everything. They always wanted to share the love they had with somebody and decided to adopt some pets. Time passed by and soon, their house was full of animals. 15 pets lived with the couple in one territory. Their house was like a heaven oasis for everybody. But they also wanted to have children and decided to give birth to a baby. When the husband brought his wife and newborn from a hospital, everybody was happy except for their dog Eos. It was a real challenge for the pet. It didn’t want to stay backward somebody else and started behaving aggressively towards the baby. Max Polyakov understood that this situation is unacceptable and found the only right solution. They gave Eos to another family which was glad to adopt it.

General Rules of Preparations

Max Polyakov’s Eos had problems because they didn’t pay attention to its habits in time. The man says that if you want to avoid such problems, be ready to meet the changes together. Use those rules and you will always know how to make your house a friendly place for everybody:

  • In case your dog can’t be controlled as Eos was, start with training. Max Polyakov assures that a pet will gain the main social skills during those lessons. Moreover, you will set tight relationships which will make it possible to control a dog’s behavior. It won’t be aggressive towards strangers and other animals. You’ll easily learn its habits and try to change the undesirable ones;
  • Teach your dog to sleep and spend its private time in one place. Arrange it with some needed things and create a calm atmosphere near that spot. A dog should be sure that no one will occupy it;
  • Prepare it for a baby. A new member would like to play with an animal. New touches may be irritating but you have to show that they may be connected with something pleasant;
  • Don’t let your dog or cat get into a child’s bed;
  • Explain your animals that such habits like jumping, scratching, and swatting are unacceptable.

If your pet has the same character type as Max Polyakov’s Eos, try to set limits on spending time with it. You don’t have to forget about it at all. Just show that it can do some other stuff while you’re busy with a baby. Your dog won’t have such problems as Eos had.

In case you can’t cope by yourself, Max Polyakov recommends talking to a professional coach. He will explain what to do with a pet that has Eos’s problems. You also have to read an expert literature.

Final Words

All these preparations will play a decisive role in the atmosphere inside your house. Successful training and rules will change the attitude of your pets. Follow Max Polyakov’s recommendations and you will never face the situation he had with Eos.