Furnace Repair

Do you need help in getting your furnace repaired? Here are the three most common problems and how you can fix them on your own!

Getting your furnace repaired isn’t a difficult process, but it does take some DIY effort and work on your part. And in this post, we’ll help you solve the most common problems that you’ll. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Gas Leak

If you have a gas leak, please check this immediately. First, if you notice any natural gas near the furnace or in your home, don’t light matches or turn off switches. If there is a strong gas odor, leave your house immediately, and leave the door open.

Start by turning off the gas supply valve, which is located near your gas meter near your inlet gas pipe. Next, turn off the gas by turning the valve with a one-quarter turn using an adjustable wrench.

If the gas is turned off, the valve’s stem points perpendicular towards the inlet pipe. Then, you can call your fire department or gas utility from a remote location. Don’t return home until you know that it’s safe.

Cycling or Heating Problems

If your furnace is running but doesn’t provide a sufficient amount of heat:

  1. Make sure nothing is blocking your furnace’s air flow.
  2. Set your thermostat at the “Heat” setting and the fan is turned on to “Auto” or “On.” Then start raising the temperature by 5 degrees and then waiting for a few minutes.
  3. Check to see if the room heaters are open.
  4. Check the filter. Dirty filters will reduce the efficiency, so remove it and install a new filter if the previous one is dirty.
  5. Lastly, if these steps don’t work, then you should contact a Chicago furnace repair technician.

Your Furnace Is Not Heating

Thermostat malfunctions lead to the most system failures. Other causes are a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, combustion, or a blown fuse. If the furnace’s heat doesn’t turn on even if you adjust the current room temperature:

  1. Place your thermostat on the “Heat” setting (if yours is a cooling and heating system)
  2. Check to see if your furnace’s circuit breaker is on and that the fuse isn’t blown. If the circuit is tripped or blown, make sure you reset the circuit breaker by turning it off or on again. Or you can replace the fuse. If the circuit is blown again, then it’s probably a shortage in the electrical system giving power to your furnace. You might have to call a Chicago furnace repair contractor to install this.
  3. Make sure that the power switch is on. Look for the switch that’s located inside or next to your furnace cabinet. If it’s not on, then turn it on and allow for the furnace to get engaged.
  4. The motor might need to be reset due to an overload. Check for the Reset button near the blower’s housing and press it. If nothing happens, give the motor 30 minutes to cool down.
  5. Turn the power off at the subpanel or the main electrical panel. Check for a fuse or a power switch. If you find one, inspect it to see if its blown.
  6. When using a gas furnace, the gas valve is off or the pilot light might be turned off.
  7. If your furnace doesn’t work, make sure your thermostat isn’t faulty.


By searching for Chicago furnace repair, you can get your furnace repaired within a few days. When searching for a reputable contractor, make sure that they are qualified to do so. By doing so, you’ll save your home thousands of dollars on repair costs and help preserve its value.