Some few years ago, dark blonde hair color was most favorite hair hue for many women. However, this hair colour disappeared, but today it has made a big come back and this time more rejuvenated in style.

The most preferred thing about this hair color is that it can be applied to any natural hair hue effortlessly. There is no need to bleach your tresses since the hue is between light and dark hues and you can change it the way you want. Here are some best dark blonde hair colors for you to consider before this year ends.

1. Dark Golden Blonde

Dark Golden Blonde

Match pale gold highlights with your lovely dishwater hair. This lightens up your hair and adds a bit of warmth to your dark blonde hair. The neutral hue looks superb on almost all skin tones and gives you that grow-up-on-the-beach look.

2. Sandy Dark Blonde

Sandy Dark Blonde

Women with wheatish hair have many hairstyling advantages. They can tailor their hair to use the shade of their choice. Many women highly love this stunning lovely to subtle blonde. The cool-toned tresses blend appears stunning when created in waves that enhance shine and dimension.

3. Beige Dark Blonde

Beige Dark Blonde

This is fabulous shade suitable for warm skin undertones. It is subtle, understated and luminous. Use hair lightener to eliminate as much as possible the natural pigment from your hair. Afterward, apply beige on it but don’t let it stay there for so long since you want light beige shimmer.

4. Deep Honey Blonde

This ombre hue is the talk of the town right now. It is a fun and trendiest hairstyle that we cannot get enough of. To achieve this look start with dark roots and then apply honey shade to give your hair bright color as you go down. Maintain the hue in mid-section of the hair somewhat elongated to give the style that dark honey hue.

5. Ginger Blonde Highlights

For those ladies who thought they couldn’t rock the perfect match of blonde and ginger, this color blend proves you wrong. Incorporate ginger color to your tresses and accentuate it with a subtle dirty blonde color to achieve this new hairstyle.
The most liked thing about this hairdo is that some sections of your names will be darker than the others, which is a great plus regarding dimension added to your face.

6. Grey to Light Brown Blonde

In this hairstyle, the crown of the hair is painted with grey hue and utilize a light brown color as you move from the crown to give this style a beautiful ombre. The blonde highlights scatter in between to add character to this fabulous look. The wavy manes make this style playful and youthful.

7. Lowlights on Dirty Blonde Hair

Lowlights are an excellent way to give your face a perfect framing and make it look thinner than the real shape. This style brings together gorgeous warm hints with subtle cool tones to come up with a beautiful dirty blonde look. It looks great on women with medium skin undertones.

8. Dirty Pink Blonde

Dirty blonde and pink give one of the best color combos. These lovely hues make the gray, brown or blue eyes pop and look great on warm skin tones. The beautiful curls at the tips give this hairstyle a lot of volume and dimension.

9. Platinum Blonde

This hue highlights the crisp hint of your naturally dirty blonde tresses. Start by making your hair light, allowing around two inches untouched near the base. Your natural dark blonde hair roots give this style a dramatic vibe that is sure to turn heads. You can also opt for ash toner to come up with a smoky appearance.

10. Dirty Coffee Blonde

At first, the blend appears like espresso and melts in a light cappuccino. And is there anyone who doesn’t love coffee? This hairstyle is ideal for both warm and cool skin tones. Besides, gray eyes appear stunningly superb with this hair color.