Wedding Dress

Everyone on the planet knows Valentine’s Day is the official day for romance and love. If you are a big fan of this special day, you might want to schedule your wedding early as everything books out years in advance!

If you want to have a Valentine’s Day inspired wedding – whether it’s on the fourteenth of February or not – we’ve got some tips and tricks to share to help make your theme look so good even Cupid will be taking notes!

Fabulous Flowers

It’s probably not too hard to guess what color scheme you want to stick with for a Valentine’s Day inspired wedding theme…red and pink! Rather than sticking with one or the other, try mixing them together!

For your bouquet, you can try mixing red and pink flowers together using greenery around the edges to soften the look. If you are set on one color and want something a little different from the red rose cliché, try red tulips or soft pink peonies for a more sophisticated look.

Love The Hearts

A cute way to add a little cupid into your theme is to pepper love hearts here and there. Instead of the classic red heart, try and mix in some white and silver to soften the look a little.

Heart shaped favor tins are a fantastic way to incorporate some love hearts subtly on to your tables and throughout the room in general. Getting them personalized is a small touch that looks amazing – a little bit of detail goes a long way!

Your Wonderful Wedding Dress

Although you might be tempted to look at pink or red wedding dresses, a white or ivory dress will give you a more classic look for photos. Wedding dresses are probably the area you should avoid messing with too much if you are looking for a sophisticated feel.

Something as simple as sweetheart necklines on A line wedding dresses can give you the Valentine’s Day theme, as the heart shape around the bust is quite classic and will tie in with other decorations you may have.

If you have your heart set on some color for your wedding dress, try adding a sash around the waist in your red and pink theme. Another option is to mix it up a little by going for colored shoes – red or pink again of course!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The bridesmaid dresses are where you can really have a bit of fun with your theme – especially if you’ve kept all the other elements understated. Red or pink dresses will create a lovely, classic look, and if you are looking for styles that will compliment wedding dresses in any style, try looking at A-line bridesmaid dress designs.

A-line bridesmaid dresses are flattering for most figures, and look amazing in floor-length. There is no need to try and have your bridesmaid’s look cute to fit your theme such as in mini tulle dresses or the like. Look for dresses that flatter their natural figures and make them feel confident on the day.