There is no doubt that technology is revolutionizing almost every line of work. Yet another industry that is being positively affected by this is the courier industry. There have been significant advancements, particularly with communication tools, which have made couriers like Ask Absolutely much more efficient. Customers have also shown much higher satisfaction rates.


Communication was always something that would improve courier services. While most companies have tried to maintain good levels of communication, it has always an area with room for improvement. Smartphones already provided some level of more effective communication, but new apps applied to those devices has improved it much more.

There have been new opportunities to connect quickly with the company as well as tracking, allowing you to constantly know where your package is and if there were any issues along the way. This also ensures that arrival times can be much more accurate, especially when some apps factor in traffic and stoppages, offering a transparent experience. On top of this, because of the speed in communication, it means that delivery times can be offered the same day as when an order is placed becoming the epitome of fast delivery service.

GPS Systems

As time has progressed in recent years, GPS systems are an example of how fine-tuning has been incredibly effective in delivering accurate routes and times, taking into account many things like closed roads, congestion charges, faster routes. The brilliance of this is that these do not need to be separate devices form smartphones anymore. The majority of smartphones have incredibly intelligent apps that operate as some of the best GPS systems around.

The Next Steps

It is undeniable that we will witness some more revolutionary changes in the courier services industry. Drones seem to be the most talked about new addition to the industry. With Amazon and other companies already testing them in rural areas, it seems like we could be seeing them regularly in the next few years. Using drones will dramatically improve delivery reliability and speed, so the change is very welcome. Artificial intelligence will also play its part in the future, meaning that human involvement is not needed and so there should be fewer expenses related to the delivery of goods.

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