A hobby should be anything you enjoy and enjoy doing regularly. This means that you shouldn’t need to be told what your hobby is, but many people have not discovered certain hobbies and a new passion could easily be waiting around the corner. Photography is something we are spoilt with in this day and age, boasting cameras on our smartphones that are infinitely better than the cameras widely available 20 years ago. However, it is one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies and the fact that our phones have these capabilities means that anyone can get into photography.


If you consistently find yourself in a stressful environment, particularly with work, then you may have many activities recommended to you like: Yoga, swimming and meditation. While these are all good options, people seldom remember to mention photography, which has its own meditative qualities. Getting the right shots takes time and patience and truly provides that time to enjoy the scenery and take some stunning pictures.


One of the best things about photography, particularly wildlife photography, is that it forces you to get out into the open, find some new places and embrace the elements. Truly the most beautiful thing to observe is nature, whether it be a beautiful sunset or a majestic bird. To find some of these opportunities, you will have to venture out of your own city and potentially your own country, like going to Iceland for the Northern Lights. Through your hobby, you are able to experience new places and cultures, further validating photography’s brilliance.

Career Opportunities

Like most hobbies, when you show talent, new doors open for a potential career. Photography is not immune from this, holding a lot of importance in several aspects of today’s society. What starts out as a hobby, may become a new hope for a career. You can also use social medias like Instagram to gain popularity, get feedback and document your work. That is why photography is brilliant, there are so many uses for a photographer from helping with marketing efforts to being a freelance professional like J Knowles.

Always remember that a hobby should be what you love and should not be dictated by the perks that come with that hobby. That being said, it is always important to try new things, especially when current hobbies fall out of line with your attitude.

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