We all want designer fashion without the designer pricetag — but how? With spring around the corner, now more than ever we fashionistas feel that insatiable itch to ditch last year’s wardrobe and step into the new season with matching, all-new apparel that reflects the latest runway trends. But unless the trees blossoming around you are made of money, that’s much easier said than done. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Wrong!

Turn your aspiration into an attainable goal by revamping your entire closet without breaking the bank. You can breathe new life into your existing wardrobe without spending a fortune, create a high-fashion paradise on an incredibly low budget. Not sure where to start? Follow these five steps for our best advice!


1. Out with the Old, In with the New

If you’re struggling to afford trendy clothes, first of all, we sympathize with you! A little piece of our heart dies every time we swipe the plastic for those latest Balenciaga’s. Second of all, we suggest giving yourself a little more wiggle room within your shopping budget by clearing out last season’s pieces that will never again see the light of day (ahem, now is time to retire those shoulder-grazing earrings!).

Shed a silent tear if you have to, but be real with yourself when it comes to tulle, sequins, and animal prints that you know will be difficult to pull off in the future. No, some themed party that may or may not exist in the future is not a good excuse to hold onto a one-off item. Once you get through the initial heartbreak, you’ll be so excited by all the new closet space—plus your bank account will surely thank you. If you don’t have a Buffalo Exchange near you, head to online thrift stores such as:

You won’t be able to sell your used clothes at full price, but you might be surprised by just how much you can get back!

2. Shop Strategically

Now that your bank account got a hefty immunity boost, you can set your sights to shop, shop, shop—but you need to do it strategically! Everyone loves envisioning themselves as Cher from Clueless, dripping in shopping bags, but if you want to fully revamp your wardrobe, you need to be smart with your savings.

Head to discounted outlet stores that offer designer fashion at under half the price. It’s a great way to snag discounts on brand name pieces and you’ll be able to find plenty of outfits that you can wear into the new season and throughout the year beyond. Some of our favorites include:

  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Off Sax 5th Avenue
  • The Outnet
  • Last Call
  • Amuze.com

Pro tip: Take a look around while you’re selling your clothes online to see if anything catches your eye. If the merchant is interested in your style, you might be able to get rid of your old wardrobe and acquire a new one in one fell swoop—no transaction involved!

Online Fashion Shop

3. Start with the Basics

Everyone has their basic wardrobe staples that double as BFFs (here’s looking at you plain white tee, little black dress, and classic denim jeans). If you have a well-established set of staples, think about holding onto them—you might never be able to find that picture-perfect fit again! Instead of purchasing all new basics, revamp them by switching up how you wear them. You can re-wear your favorite jeans in a number of ways for a fresh, all-new look, such as folding up the hem or switching to a sportier vibe. The more creative, the better!

4. Add a Little Glam

Now’s the time to put your unique flair and a splash of glam on top of your favorite essentials! Pair your basics with dramatic A-cuts, flashy shoes, and the best accessories. Try them on at the mall at discount stores like Forever 21 and H&M, or resistant temptation by browsing watches online to make sure you snag the best deal. Not sure how to pick a watch? We have you covered with the trendiest advice for displays, faceplates, and wrist straps!

5. Take a Twirl

Once you add glamour to your wardrobe, you’re ready to hit streets looking like the fashion queen you are. And better yet, not only are you stylish from head-to-toe, but you’re smart and savvy, too! We call that a major win-win.

The only thing you’re waiting for is an invitation to a night on the town so you can show off your new threads!