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Country wedding music is the highlight of weddings for many people. Talk about love, romance, and depth, you will find all in a country wedding song. The coming together and perfect blending of various instruments further make it irresistible to many.

If you are planning a wedding and need to create a country wedding music playlist, this post will give the latest and best songs. From Mary Chapin Carpenter’s grow old with me to Phil Vassar’s love is a beautiful thing we will serenade you with country love songs from legends!

Country Love Songs

Grow old with me by Mary Chapin Carpenter

As far as country love songs go, Mary Chapin Carpenter grows old with me stays winning. This song, released in 1995 is one song with depth and feeling. It talks about true love, hope, joy, persistence and eternal support. It says the best is yet to come and no matter what life brings, they will stick together- because their love is true. For a first dance, this song is perfect! Just like the free spins no deposit Poland offer.

She said yes by Rhett Atkins

Recorded in 1994 and released in October 1995, she said yes Rhett Atkins song is oh so lovely. This is one of the best country love songs we have ever listened to. It sucks you right in and holds you spellbound. It is the story of finding true love in places you don’t expect. A girl limited by her leg braces and a boy who approached her half-heartedly. She said yes and that was the beginning of their love story which took them till they grew old and grey! This is a positive, hopeful and evergreen song!

It’s your love by Tim McGraw

It’s your love by Tim McGraw is pure love, pure romance! Released in 1997 and a recipient of the Grammy awards for best country song-this song talks about love and what it has done to him. Love made him stronger and better. Love changed him. Love is the spell that binds him to her. He is so overwhelmed that he can’t understand or take it all in. This one is fit for walking down the aisle. We love!

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Slow Country Songs 2019

You save me by Kenney Chesney

This 2005 song by Kenney Chesney is one of the best slow country songs 2019 fit for the couple dance. It talks about how the love and prayers of his beloved always saved him. She knows how to love him right, even though he’s restless most of the time. She knows the right words to say to his gypsy soul to calm him. She believes in him like no one else and she’s always with him. This is a song of commitment and love.

Between now and forever by Brian White

Between and forever was duly released in March 1996. In the song, Brian talks about how lucky he is to find his beloved. He asks what she will be doing between now and forever because he wants to spend every of that time with her. He says with her by his side, he can never go wrong. A song talking about love. The perfect number for walking down the aisle!

I’d love you all over again by Alan Jackson

This song by Alan Jackson is reception perfect for older couples who want to renew their wedding vows. It talks about the affirmation of love for his beloved. Alan says if he had a chance to do it all over again, it will still be her… Because his love for her still does his heart in. He says over the years, she looks younger and more beautiful, making him fall in love with her all over again.

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Country Waltz Songs 2019

Mom and dad’s waltz song by Willie Nelson

Mom and dad’s waltz song by Willie Nelson was duly released in 1977. A perfect song for mother-son dance and father-daughter waltz dance. It talks about your love for your parents. It says even if you are leaving, you will always be by their side… pray for them and love them. This song will make a tear or two drops.

Could I have this dance by Anne Murray

This is one of the best country waltz songs in 2019. Released in 1980, could I have this dance is an evergreen song that talks about girl meets boy, falls in love and wants a forever. Anne asks “could she have this dance forever?” “Will he be her partner forever?” She also reminisces how it felt to be in his arms and she never wants to lose that. A perfect song to waltz to at the reception.

From this moment by Shania Twain

From this moment is a song released in 1997 by Shania Twain. This awesome piece is one that we can call a vow and promise of love. The perfect song for the last dance, because it begins from this moment. Shania says she will give anything and do anything for his love. She belongs by his side and there she does want to be for the rest of her days. This is a beautiful song that pulls right at the heartstrings. This is one of the most famous wedding songs which graces almost every wedding.

2019 Best Country Love Songs

This is it by Scott McCreery

Walk down the aisle to one of 2019’s best country love songs. Scott is ecstatic in this 2018 song about the journey to forever. He watches her walk down the aisle and is so overwhelmed by her beauty, he shed a tear. He remembers the journey from proposal up till this day and he says they have all the world to explore and conquer together. Through mountains and valleys, they will soar together.

Speechless by Dan + Shay

What better way to rave about your beauty and the love he feels for you than with this 2018 piece? Dan says Shay makes him speechless. Watching her is all he can do because she is his weakness. He still gets nervous when she walks into a room, yet he has the honor of being with her forever. Fierce love and adoration are what this song talks about.

Closer to you by Carly Pearce

The adventurous couple will love this 2018 piece by Carly. It says “close the distance between us”… So close that you can hear me breathing. So close we don’t know where you end or where I begin. Such closeness can only be fondly found in love. She misses him so much and needs him with her. This is a beautiful country love song.

God Gave Me You Wedding Songs

God gave me you by Brian White

This 1999 song talks about how God gave him the love of his life to show him what is real. For a very long time, he despaired and felt cheated. He felt the odds were against him and nothing good could happen to him. But she came his way and he felt restored. A song of love and fulfillment, for the couple’s last dance.

God gave me you by Blake Shelton

This one by Blake Shelton talks about love so strong, comforting and enduring. God gave him his beloved, because of a time like this. She sticks through the sun and rain, highs and lows, loving him steadfastly. She is his blessing, even in his despair, because God gave her to him. “But you stay here right beside me. Watch as the storm goes through……. There’s nothing left to say…… And God gave me you”

God gave me you by David Barnes

Do you need God gave me your wedding songs for your Christian wedding? This one by David Barnes is perfect. It says God gave her to him as a comforter for when he’s in doubt and a guide for when he is quite lost. She is his dream come true and she completes him. She makes him better. Such depth and love.

Fun Upbeat Country Songs

Love is a beautiful thing by Phil Vassar

From the prayer of a common man album released in 2008, comes this fun and upbeat song by Phil Vassar. Phil Vassar love is a beautiful thing talks about the transitional nature of humans in a way that leaves mixed feelings. Citing where the girl is getting married, which is a thing of joy. But her daddy breaks down in tears because he can’t imagine how she grew up so fast. These songs are fun upbeat country songs for when you’re getting ready in the morning. Beautiful piece!

Our kind of love by Lady Antebellum

Here is something you can dance to- our kind of love by Lady Antebellum. Fun upbeat country songs never got better. Perfect for the after party dance, this song talks about love so simple, love so free. They are in love and live for the moment. As children, their hearts are free and they have all the fun, regardless of what tomorrow brings. This song will get guests to boogie until mama calls.

I like it, I love it by Tim McGraw

This song by Tim McGraw is and after party hit. It talks about how he tried resisting love, but there is something about her that keeps drawing him in. His parents couldn’t succeed with teaching him the courtesy, but one contact with her and he none opens doors for ladies. She made him a better man and he never wants to let go. He likes it, he loves it!

Make You Feel My Love Wedding Songs

To make you feel my love by Trisha Yearwood

This 1999 song by Trisha Yearwood tells a story of undying and fierce love. She says she will do anything to make her lover feel her love. She will protect him from the world in her embrace. She will crawl down the avenue and even go to the ends of the earth, to make him feel her love. A beautiful piece!

To make you feel my love by Gerth Brooks

Same song, different version, and different authors. Tells a great love story of doing everything to make him feel her love. Make you feel my love wedding songs are ideal for the first wedding reception dance.

All these country wedding music we have put together are the best in recent times. Some of these are country love songs that aren’t well known, but worth a hype. They make weddings fun and gets everyone in their feelings or on the dance floor. There is something for everyone, whether slow, fun and upbeat or even country love songs oldies. Make your wedding memorable by creating a country music playlist from this compilation.