The world is a busy place, and in the switched-on society that we’re living in, it’s only getting busier.

Because of this, our day-to-day lives can often feel so hectic that we don’t want to do basic tasks, and many needs become chores we can’t face. However, we’ve highlighted a few life hacks below to help you make a bit more time for yourself.

Delivery Services

One great way to save time is to get a courier service to do your deliveries for you. If you regularly find yourself making trips to the post office, whether that’s for gifts for family and loved ones, or if you happen to sell things online that you make yourself or via eBay, a courier service is sure to help. Coming to your home to collect the item before taking it from A to B, companies like Parcel2Go are ideal for those looking to save a little time here and there.

Shared Calendars

If you and your family are always really busy, chances are you’ll often end up double booking or forgetting that you’ve made appointments. If that’s the case, you should set up a shared calendar. This can be done easily online through the likes of Google or Apple, where you can set up a calendar, before sharing it to the people that need it. All you have to do then is fill in your appointments as you go about your daily lives, ensuring that no one ever double books or forgets again.

Online Shopping

You know what’s an absolute chore, doing the weekly food shop. Looking through the cupboards, making a list, getting in your car, driving there, doing it, driving back and then unpacking, it’s a chore many of us hate. Let’s not forget the effort of finding the time to go and then having to grapple with the masses. However, if you do all your shopping online you can beat the crowds while adding items to your online basket as you walk around the house. You don’t have to leave the house, you can do it any time of day, and then you just have to wait for someone to deliver it. Don’t let the delivery put you off either because you’d probably spend the same in petrol going to the supermarket anyway.

Double Recipes

Sticking on the food path, it can be a nightmare having to make dinner each night and then make yourself something different for work. Sometimes this can even result in you not making food for work, and therefore spending a fortune throughout the year on lunches from the local Tesco Express. If you spend £3 a day each week on a meal deal, this can add up to £780 a year. However, when you’re cooking, if you just double the recipes this will leave you with enough food to put in the fridge or freezer, meaning there’s always something to eat for work, or if you can’t be bothered cooking one night.