Birthday is the best days of a person’s life. Everyone needs to feel like a king or queen on this special day. Celebrating 18th is a fantasy of every teen. You pass all the legal certificates of doing anything with full rights. 18 is the starting to taste life, what it has to offer. It’s the time when you say goodbye to the teen period and being a little mature to build up a strong base for a lifetime.

Getting a great gift for 18 birthday is assuredly a tough one: still childish to be demanding but old enough to know what a crap gift. A present for a person who had recently passed their childhood should be something that would help them in the long term. Likewise, earlier days getting 18 was the time to take responsibilities but with advancement in technology 18 is about being technical. Choose something that would help her regain their memories too. Here are some ideas which will surely help you to gather great ideas.

Happy-birthday collage:

It is the time when you feel your friends to be the backbone of your life. Being a best friend, it’s your responsibility to gather all the special people of birthday person’s life. Ask them to write a single word from Happy birthday and snapshot it. Now assemble all them in series and get it framed from the market. It’s a perfect gift for a long time purpose. Whenever they will see they will surely memorize you people.

Lip smacking cake:

A cake is an essential part of any celebration. You can’t go wrong with an 18 birthday cake which is the centerpiece of the show. Get a fondant cake which describes the quirkiness of birthday person to make the event more fun. You can get online delivery of cake too for the midnight celebration from any website. Don’t forget to get 18 candles on the cake. Get another cake for the cake smash celebration and try to get it videoed so that memories can be saved lifelong.

A mobile tablet:

If your child is much more on the technical side then getting a tablet is a great idea. It will be very much useful for them and help them to grow their skills more and more. To add more spice to the gift you can add a customized video of near and dear wishing a great birthday and giving the blessing to the child. Also, ask his cousins and friends to add old funny memories to the video. He will surely love the gift and the hard work you did to collect the videos.

A beer mug:

On 18 you perceive the certification of legal drinking. If you are a sort of best friend or one of those quirky friends then getting a beer mug is a perfect gift. Maybe he won’t drink at that stage, but it will create an agreeable moment there. You can in fact order it online as many websites are offering online gift delivery in various cities. Be sure you are not creating any problem for your friend gifting this in front of their parents. He is going to kill you for that.

A surprise party:

Surprises are the best thing you can offer to your friend on 18 birthday. Arrange a surprise party at their favorite location. Theme it according to the birthday person personality. Ask your other friend to add more twist to the party by playing the different character of the person. You can even add the above mention gifts to make it more joyful and memorable. Blindfold your friend and take him/her to the venue. He/she will be amused to see you all.

Welcome the person from their childhood to adulthood with unique ideas. Make sure what you plan either for a girl or boy, it should be memorable and enjoyable.