YouTube is still the most popular video sharing platform today – with over one billion users – but it is also the most competitive. Anyone can be a content creator right now, so competing for the attention of your audience becomes more difficult. You have to bring your A-game with every video you produce.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to boost the production value of your YouTube videos. In this article, we are going to focus on the tips and tricks that will take your YouTube content to the next level right away.

Use the Right Music

The music you add to your videos matters more than you realize. Good music that goes really well with the story you’re trying to tell – or the content you want to convey – will give your video that high-quality feel.

YouTube is expanding its archive of free music, but the best sounds are never free. Instead, you need to look for royalty free music for your next YouTube video. Start with the music, visualize what you want to make, and produce a cool video that the audience will love.

Develop a Style

I’m not saying that you have to color-grade every video you make. In a fast-paced platform like YouTube, spending hours to nail the colors perfectly isn’t always something you can afford to do. However, there are ways to make your videos look good visually using colors.

You can develop a style for your videos and save that style as a LUT. The next time you shoot a new video, you can be more consistent with your exposure and white balance, making adding your signature style easier in post-production.

Style can also include how you cut your footage, the way you transition from one scene to the next, and even how you greet your viewers at the beginning of the video. Build on these elements and you’ll start gaining loyal viewers that really love the videos you make.

Let There Be Light

While the YouTube space is growing, many content creators make basic mistakes that lower their production value. They rush through the process of making their first video and simply neglect to master the basics.

In reality, basics such as exposure and lighting are crucial. A simple lighting setup can transform a dull video into an interesting one. You don’t even have to invest much to make your own lighting setup, especially now that you can use LED bulbs and affordable diffusers as the tools of your trade.

Balance Quality and Quantity

Lastly, you want to find that sweet spot between producing more videos and making sure they are good and pleasant to watch. As tempting as it is to push more videos for the sake of maintaining your subscribers, quality is what will separate you from thousands of other creators on YouTube.

All of these tips are tips that you can implement today. Start making changes to the way you produce your YouTube videos, increase your production value bit by bit, and watch as your videos get more views and attract loyal subscribers.