New York

Have you been thinking about taking a trip to New York City? This is the city that never sleeps and so it is somewhere that appears on the bucket list for many people around the world. Many people who live on the East Coast have never even visited New York City due to just how busy it is with tourists but if you have never been then you are missing out.

If you are thinking about visiting New York City, then you should make sure to keep reading. We have put together a few tips to get you started including which season is best to go in and why you should book your tickets in advance of your trip.

Start Planning Early

New York City is a very popular location and so if you want to visit without breaking the bank then you are going to need to start planning your trip early. Take a look at the prices of flights to New York a few months in advance of your trip to make sure that you aren’t paying extremely high prices. There are many airlines that travel to New York from around the US and Canada including Porter Airlines so you should be able to find regular flights easily enough.

Make sure to do your research and book your flights well in advance, don’t leave it to the last minute or you may end up spending more than you can afford.

Choose The Season Wisely

New York City is beautiful at any time of the year but there are some seasons that are better for sightseeing than others. The location of this city means that the summers are hot, and the winters are cold. So, if you are planning to go in the middle of summer, like July for example, you are going to need to deal with some very hot weather. Although this can be enjoyable if you are going to be moving around all day and standing in long lines then you might want to rethink the season that you are going in. To still enjoy the sun, consider early or late summer rather than the hottest month of the year.

Many people also like to travel to New York during the winter because of how great it can look with the snow and the festive decorations. If you do this, you need to be aware that it is going to be very cold and some attractions might be hard to handle, like the Empire State Building. Think carefully about the season and you should be able to make the right decision for you.

Plan Your Days

In New York City, there are so many different tourist attractions that you can visit – but how do you fit it all in? Our next tip for those visiting New York this year is to make a plan of all of the places that you’d like to see. Make sure to use a map in your planning stages if you want to make sure that you are creating a route that includes places that are nearby to each other.

For example, you might want to visit Central Park and the Guggenheim on the same day while spending another day on Wall Street and at the Statue Of Liberty. New York is a very large place and if you don’t plan your days effectively then you might end up missing out on some of the things that you’d like to see while you’re there.

Buy Tourist Tickets In Advance

Did you know that it is possible to buy tickets for some of the most popular tourist attractions in New York before you actually get there? Most of these places will come with long lines and you could be standing out waiting to get into an attraction for a large chunk of your day if you don’t think ahead.

Take a look online and see if you can buy your tickets for these attractions in advance. You’ll love skipping the ticket queue when you get to the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Centre and you will save yourself some time. Who knows – you might even save yourself some cash if you buy tickets in advance!

Buy A Map

While New York is full of yellow cabs and many of the attractions are within walking distance of each other, we suggest that you invest in a map for when you get there. The subway system in New York is extremely helpful but it can also be quite difficult to understand if you have never used it before.

We suggest buying a map that has been specifically designed for tourists as this will usually help you with the stations that are close to tourist attractions like Times Square. Then, you can easily get around when you can’t get a taxi, or you simply want to go for a nice walk to get to somewhere a few blocks away.

Try The Food Trucks

One of the things that New York City is famous for is the incredible street food that is on offer. While it can be tempting to only visit the high-end restaurants or the fast food locations that you recognise from home, you should also think about trying some of the street food.
You’ll find everything from Philly cheesesteaks to hot dogs and much more on offer. Many of the streets in New York are lined with these and you might even come across a few markets that are filled with food trucks. A trip to New York wouldn’t be complete without a few dishes from street vendors so make sure to add this to your list of must-see things in NYC.

Visit A Show

Our final tip for those who are thinking about visiting New York this year is to make sure to visit a show on Broadway while you’re there. Broadway is famous around the world for the theatres and the amazing actors that walk onto the stage every single night. You can buy your tickets before you go, or even when you are there from some of the ticket vendors.

Some of the most popular shows that you can go to see in 2019 include Book Of Mormon, Aladdin and Chicago. Make sure to get tickets for at least one of these shows and you’ll see what all of the fuss is about.

Plan Your Trip Today

If you are going to visit New York City this year then you should make sure to take on board all of the advice that we have given you in this article. You need to make sure that you are planning your trip far in advance to ensure that you get the best possible price for your flights. We also suggest that you make sure to plan your days out carefully with the help of a map so that you can find the time to see everything that you would like to.

Visit New York today and you won’t be disappointed. This city is famous for many reasons and once you visit, you’ll want to go back time and time again.