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Every year millions or even billions of people try to take some days off and escape from everyday problems and the stress of work by visiting new locations, especially during summer holidays. More or less most of us have always wanted to experience luxuriousness, so we book nice apartments or just join a friend in their mansion. But, how about renting a villa? I know that almost all of you would immediately answer: “No, not me. I can’t afford it”. That’s a huge mistake for a series of reasons. The most important one is that e.g. renting a villa in Mykonos, Greece is more economical than ever. Besides, as we are going to find out in a while there is a villa for every taste, number of guests and holiday mood. So, let’s forget about other accommodation for a while and take a closer look at such dwellings.

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As far as how many visitors will be staying in a villa there is a really wide range of options beginning with smaller buildings which can host up to to 7 people, moving on to larger ones that can accommodate up to roughly 20 guests and of course we should definitely mention the most spacious ones of the mansions that could sleep up to 35 or even 40 visitors. That’s like a quaint Greek village-just make a picture of it! It goes without saying that there are all kinds of bedrooms provided: with single or twin or king’s and queen’s size double beds, so it does not make any difference whether you are married couples or just friends exploring South Europe and Greek islands. There is a room to meet every need and demand!

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It goes without saying that there are more than enough conveniences in hand both indoors and outdoors. For a start, there are plenty of elegant bathrooms combining coziness and local architecture including Jacuzzis and laundry facilities. Inside, in Mykonos villas, for instance, air conditioning, dishwashers, satellite or cable TV and free Wi-Fi connection are offered, too. Triggering you more, CD and USB state-of-the-art sound systems for your parties and ceremonies exist, as well.

Stepping outside the dwellings, apart from the stunning views of local beaches and marines, I am sure you will be amazed by the luxuries your company and you will be able to enjoy. Outdoor barbecues, swimming pools and parking lots are only a few of the benefits villas are made to generously offer. In case though you opt for a villa during the winter season, fireplaces are there to make you feel like home and turn into the right lovely mode!

Tip: Keep in mind that renting a villa in Mykonos is an extraordinary experience for people with special needs and pets since all lodgings are specially designed so that nobody is excluded with pet-friendly interventions and wheelchair-accessible spaces.

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I know that the aforementioned title may sound a bit odd, but let me prove you wrong. It is commonly known that most villas are a lot more than a simple night in a hotel. They are even more than an evening with cocktails by the pool or a stress-relieving morning in the Jacuzzi. Here are some of the unimaginable but cheap provisions. First, Mykonos villas’ owners can schedule you to have a DJ to celebrate your wedding anniversary or graduation with a party having a professional choosing the music for you! It will only cost you about 40€ per person for loads of hours of fantastic music. Wanting to enjoy yourselves by tasting delicious meals especially prepared for you only? No problem! A private chef will visit your villa in no time and start cooking for all of you. So, don’t miss the chance to taste delicious Greek or any exotic cuisine you fancy at rock bottom prices (from just 30€ a person!). A private driver can be at your service if you don’t drive at all or if you’re just bored of calling and waiting for a taxi ride. You may think that it’s a rich-man’s service but it costs 8€/guest. You didn’t see that coming, hah? Isn’t that out of this planet? No, it isn’t!! Just visit Mykonos villas and all your dreams will come true. At the end of the day, you will be looking forward to returning to the island of winds as soon as possible!