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There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror and realizing your eyeliner has completely vanished. Nowadays, we have waterproof eyeliners that can last for an entire day.

No matter if you are a beginner in the world of makeup, or a makeup junkie, you should be obsessing over waterproof liners. You might have sensitive dry eyes that are prone to irritation, and it is important that your makeup stays put.

Whatever the case is, waterproof eyeliners are here to stay. And there are many you can choose.

Top 3 Brands to Choose

Imagine going to buy a waterproof eyeliner, only to found it will not last. It can happen to the best of us. That is why we recommend researching for the best waterproof eyeliner. You want brands that produce eyeliners that last, and that is also hypoallergenic.

When you see on the label “ophthalmologist tested”, it is a safety testing done to ensure the products safe for usage around the eye area. That also includes wearers of contact lenses. The products are tested for a few weeks, and then clinically evaluated to ensure there is no irritation. With that in mind, here are three liners you can trust.

Tarte Cosmetics Clay Waterproof Liner

This liner will last for a long time, but not as some other brands. Some of the good things about this liner are that it does not budge much or bother your eyes. That means it can classify as hypoallergenic type.

The product is made with micronized natural Amazonian clay, and it contains botanical waterproofing agent. It is basically a blend of natural plant waxes that create an impermeable layer and protect the liner against rain, tears, sweat, and creasing.

This liner has been tested by dermatologists and contains no mineral oils, parabens, fragrances, SLS< and phthalates.

Pixie Endless Silky Eye Pen

You can easily find Pixie products, as they are sold by Target. While they are cheap and easy to find, these eyeliners might not be good enough for you. The product is hypoallergenic, but your eyeliner might make its way down within a couple of hours.

The product is paraben free and contains vitamin E and natural mineral pigments.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil

These pencils are creamy and go on smooth. They will stay put the moment they set. In a way, it is like a moisturizing pencil. And the best part is, your eyes will not be irritated.

This product is paraffin free, mineral oils free, and parabens free. In the same time, it is enriched with vitamin E.

With that in mind, if you like to see a more detailed review of waterproof eyeliners, check this link. They have you covered with all the pros and cons of different eyeliners.

7 Quick Tips for Using Waterproof Eyeliner

  • Rest your elbow on a table while applying liner to keep your arm and hand steady
  • Line your eye with a pencil liner, and then go over with liquid over it for a seamless finish
  • Apply eyeshadow before applying eyeliner if you are doing full eye makeup. Applying eyeshadow first will create a dry base for your liquid liner
  • To create a wing easily, create a tiny triangle that connects that the top and bottom lash line, and then go back and add a tiny flick with the tip of the brush
  • Line your eye in small dots and dashes, and then connect them. Make sure the dots are the width of the line you want to achieve
  • Apply a light coat of mascara before you begin lining your eyes, as the stiffened row of lashes will provide the liner brush a place to rest
  • If anything goes sideways during the application, use a regular concealer to clean it up and blend into the makeup