Video Collage

Nothing is quite as touching and personal as a gift that you actually create yourself. If you are gifted at arts and crafts or have some other skill then it may be easy to create something like that, but what if you aren’t?

One idea for a gift that is bound to touch others in a unique way is to create a video collage. The best part is that you don’t need any special skills to pull it off.

“What is a Video Collage?”

Think as a video collage as a photo collage, but one that is able to leverage the additional benefits of being created as a video. It is made up of several photos that are displayed within a layout to showcase them together.

By creating a collage as a video, you will be able to add other elements that would not normally be present in a photo collage. That includes background music, animation, and various types of visual effects.

Not only can the elements you add make your collage look more unique and let it stand out, but they can also give it more depth.

“Why is it a Great DIY Present?”

To be perfectly honest there are many reasons why a video collage is an almost-perfect DIY present.

One of the main advantages that make video collages a compelling gift is the fact that it is both personal and personalized. The fact that you are creating it yourself will already make it personal, and you will be using photos to create it that are personalized to your special one.

On top of that it will be more dynamic than a regular collage or collection of photos due to its design and the audiovisual elements that you can include. That should make it stand out more and deliver the sentiment that you want it to.

Last but not least, you won’t need any special skills to create a video collage. All that you really need are the photos that you want to include, the software to put it together, and perhaps enough time to learn how to use it effectively.

Advice to Make an Excellent Video Collage

Make no mistake, creating a good video collage is about more than just arranging photos and you’ll want to carefully consider every aspect of it. In particular there are several pieces of advice that may prove useful:

  • Find the right photos to be part of your collage. Typically a collage will have between 3 to 6 photos at most, so it is important you choose carefully. As a gift it is best to select photos that are personal and have an emotional relevance to the recipient.
  • Ensure the photo quality is good, especially if you’re going to be using effects that ‘zoom in’ to the photo. It is important that the photo definition is still good when zoomed in, and does not look pixelated.
  • Try different layouts until you find one that looks good and fits the content of your montage. It is best if it reflects the overall theme of the collage and the photos that you add to it.
  • Mix in the right music by finding a track that has the right tone and pace. Since video collages are normally short videos, in most cases you will want to use a short piece of music, or extract one from a longer song.
  • Don’t overuse effects to the point that they start to look tacky. The visual effects that you add to your video collage should be designed to accentuate its content, and should be inserted tactfully with that goal in mind.

One video collage maker that you may want to try is SmartSHOW3D – seeing as it is a very user-friendly option. On top of that it has a powerful 3D animation engine that will let you add a wide range of unique effects to your collage and make it really look special.


Overall you should now understand exactly why a video collage is the perfect gift for someone special to you. If you follow the advice provided it should be relatively easy to create unique gifts that your special ones will cherish forever.