Rainy Dressing

Welcome to the rhythm of the weather: where the most blissful sunny day turns into droplets of waterfalls from the murky dark clouds. And who doesn’t want to stay cozy with a hot cup of cappuccino by the side of a window and rejoice in the rainy weather?

Getting out of bed in the rain is a huge challenge, but what’s more difficult is choosing an outfit to fight the rain over. On top of that, you can’t afford to conveniently forget taking your umbrella while outside.

And when it comes to stepping outside on rainy days, you can’t just pick anything to wear plus your rain jacket and go for it. To help you out, Faveable has sorted 10 do’s and don’ts of dressing to minimize any possible inconvenience and make rainy days easier than ever for you.

#1. Pickup Shoes

Do: Choose waterproof boots.
Don’t: Wear pseudo, velvet shoes, and strappy heels.

Waterproof boots might not be in your no.1 wardrobe list, but there’s nothing else to do on a rainy day. You don’t want to risk your favorite pair of red velvet heels by wearing them on a rainy day.

Even if you feel that traditional boots are bulky, footwear is non-negotiable. Rain boots are uncomfortable, but you gotta keep yourself cozy and dry on a rainy day.

#2. Play with Outfit Colors

Do: Safe colors to avoid any stains.
Don’t: Wear light colors.

No matter how safely you deal with your white dress on a rainy day, the clinging mud is everywhere and will jump to your dress. It’s more thorough to avoid colors like white and grey on rainy days.

Try sticking with dark colors like black or navy blue, which won’t show any water or other stains easily. Be on the sheltered side.

#3. Hairstyle

Do: Embrace your natural hair.
Don’t: Style your hair with heat.

Not washing your hair for days because your straightened hair will get curled again is something everyone did solemnly at least once in their lifetime. Hence, you know the theory. Hairstyles by heat remain the same unless you use extreme sticky hair products.

You can either do a half up-do, bun or go with your natural hair. It’s better not to ceremoniously present yourself with a messy hair half done with heat and half done by the rain.

#4. Choose Your Bag Wisely

Do: Get waterproof closed bags.
Don’t: Avoid bags that aren’t waterproof and left open.

Rushing, once I took a leather tote bag and somehow left its mouth open. It was raining incessantly and my laptop charger, cash bills, and everything else were keenly enjoying the company of water droplets. Thanks to my nylon laptop sleeve for saving me from massive damage.

Don’t be ignorant about your bag. Pick a sealed bag and make sure it’s waterproof with double layers. Be more cautious while carrying electronics.

#5. Umbrella

Do: Must carry an umbrella.
Don’t: Think of stepping out without an umbrella.

Periodically monitor the weather before going out in the rainy season. Stay prepared for frequent rain and don’t leave your umbrella at home. It might seem a hassle to carry an umbrella, but it’s totally worth it.

No need to spend too much on an umbrella. Umbrellas can get lost easily or break. Transparent umbrellas look broad and minimal with any style; consider having one of those.

#6. Raincoats

Do: Consider raincoats in monsoon areas.
Don’t: Think raincoats ruin your fashion.

If you are someone who lives in heavy windy areas or you travel in a full-blown monsoon area, a raincoat is something you should carry. Many brands and shops make good stylish raincoats to wear with every kind of fashion.

For windy areas, umbrellas don’t work well. Besides, if you are really opting for raincoats, then you can choose your outfit liberally without considering the wrath of rain.

#7. Flowy Dresses

Do: Try body-hugging dresses.
Don’t: Wear flowy, long pretty dress.

Flowy dresses with too many clothes are a hazard that you don’t want to resolutely face on rainy days. These can easily flow into every direction and get wet soon unless you are wearing a proper raincoat or trench coat.

However, body-hugging or skin-tight dresses are more preferable. Keep your super pretty flowy dresses for other seasons or wear them with proper protection.

#8. Stay Covered

Do: Wear something that keeps you covered fully.
Don’t: Avoid short skirts/shorts.

Layering is something you should follow during rainy seasons. It’s both because of the temperature decreases and saves your skin purpose. However, too many heavy jeans are not preferred. Go for skin legged pants.

If you have an important meeting, pick an opaque stocking with a formal skirt. This should adequately cover your look for the day.

#9. Leather Jackets

Do: Choose outerwear to keep yourself warm and dry.
Don’t: Go out without any windbreaker outfit.

Out of all the wardrobe malfunctions, one big mistake you can run into is wearing cotton or normal fabric hoodie which never dries. Here, leather jackets come to save you.

This is one of the most effortless looks you can go for. A leather jacket saves you from rain, keeps you warm, and elevates your look. It’s a win for every situation.

#10. Trench Coats

Do: Choose trench coats to look more polished.
Don’t: Depend on trench coats in heavy rain.

If you are someone who overthinks your grown-up looks, a trench coat is made for you. It gives you that fine sophisticated look with any inner dress or top.

For short destinations and lighter rains, a trench coat is enough to cover you. But don’t be over-dependent on trench coats. Knee-length dresses or tights are a good option to wear with it.


No matter how much your cozy couch calls you to stay with it desperately, you ought to go out and face the rain at the end of the day.

In this case, a messed-up sense of dressing can get you sick easily. So, try to stick with the rainy day dressing codes and stay on the safer side.