Skincare Treatment

There are many ways to reverse wrinkles and other damage your skin develops over time. For example, for minor damage, you might turn to applying at-home skin creams. Many of them contain natural ingredients with great protective powers. But, to actually reverse existing skin damage instead of preventing it, often clinical procedures are your best options. Your local skincare clinics offer several such procedures, which all have unique benefits. Some also have potential downsides, such as side effects. Those also need to factor in when you are deciding which skincare procedure to pick. Here are four of the top procedures to consider.

Laser Procedures to Remove Many Skin Imperfections

Laser procedures are quite popular as anti-aging tools in skincare clinics today. They have been popular for several decades now. One of the reasons for their continued popularity is you can have laser treatments for many different types of skin issues relating to the aging process. That includes wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin.

In fact, lasers can help you reverse signs of aging on the inside of your skin just as they can treat the outside. Ablative lasers focus mainly on the surface, but can also affect additional layers. Meanwhile, clinical experts in skincare circles have used aesthetic lasers that are non-ablative to treat deeper skin cells for years. By causing an increase in production of collagen and helping collagen already present work more efficiently, such treatments can strengthen your skin cells.

Botox Injections to “Paralyze” Skin Wrinkles

Botox, or Botulinum Toxin, is a popular injected treatment for wrinkles, especially those on your face and neck. You may know it as a paralysis treatment that freezes your wrinkles in place. That is somewhat true, but it is not entirely accurate. In actuality, the treatment paralyzes the muscles in the immediate area, not the wrinkles themselves. However, when your muscles are temporarily held in place, the wrinkles smooth out.

In large doses, Botox is toxic. However, small doses have been approved for use as skin treatments for many years. The effects are only temporary, but they are profound and almost immediate. That is why you might want to use the treatment on an ongoing basis to obtain and maintain wrinkle-free skin.

Fillers to Regain Rounded, Plump Skin

When you are young, your skin tends to look plump and round. The aging process itself and exposure to outside elements as time pass both contribute to it becoming more slack and sunken looking as you get older. If you have sunken in areas of skin, your face can develop an almost skeletal appearance. That can also contribute to wrinkle development.

Fillers are substances that make your skin more plump and round. They are injected into your skin by a professional clinician. Unlike Botox, they do not paralyze your muscles. Instead, they simply temporarily fill in the space, much like adding air to a balloon. One key difference is air does not improve the condition of the balloon, but fillers can improve the condition of your skin. For example, a hyaluronic acid filler can actually make your skin cells healthier as it is absorbed, in addition to acting as a temporary filler.

Chemical Peels to Restore Your Skin’s Surface

Chemical peels are also popular methods for restoring the skin used in clinics today. Often, they focus on the top layer of skin. That is why they are called peels. They use specific chemical combinations to get rid of debris and clear up surface skin damage. The chemicals used are all approved and safe for your skin. Stronger chemical combinations can perform deeper, more thorough peel procedures. Salicylic acid is one of many common acids used in chemical peel procedures.