The USA is a large and environmentally diverse country, where some states such as California can have both mountains and deserts. This variety makes the USA the perfect place to travel to or live in if you love beach holidays, with a vast array of beaches and sun-soaked spots for both tourists and locals to enjoy during the summer months.

1. Florida


Florida is a tourist haven, and over 128 million tourists visited the state alone in 2018. This makes Florida one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA due to its surplus of exciting theme parks, busy cities and, of course, its beautiful beaches. If you want to escape the crowds flocking to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, you may well decide to head for the coast, where the Everglades and the Florida Keys create calming National Parks that combine a diverse natural habitat rife with alligators, crocodiles, dolphins, and manatees with unspoiled beaches, such as those in John Pennekamp National Park. Miami Beach is also a sought after destination by those looking for the hustle and bustle of city life only a stone’s throw from the bustling and lively beaches.

To reach these beach destinations, central locations such as Orlando are only a few hours drive from the best of the beaches and can make a great location to base your travels from. If you are looking for Florida holidays, James Villa Holidays provide luxurious accommodation in Orlando and the Gulf Coast with all of the facilities that you need for a relaxing holiday, such as pools and air conditioning.

2. California


California is known for its laidback way of life, no less because of its long stretches of white sand beaches and rows of palm trees lining the seafront. Near big cities such as Los Angeles, California is home to beaches such as Venice Beach, whose lively and alternative spirit gives it a unique vibe, as well as the more family-friendly Santa Monica, better known as the end of Route 66. However, California is lined with beautiful beaches from top to bottom, and North of Los Angeles, beach hubs such as Monterey and Santa Cruz can give you a more traditional beachside experience, along with fairground rides and even dolphin and whale cruises. You can bring along a giant flamingo raft.

3. Hawaii


Although not connected to mainland USA, Hawaii is on every traveler’s bucket list, and it is easy to see why. Its idyllic beaches and rich culture draw in a huge amount of tourists each year. However, it isn’t all beachside relaxation on the islands of Hawaii, and you should make sure that you add other sights when planning your itinerary, with volcanic parks such as Haleakala and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park giving you the thrilling opportunity to see both active and dormant locations from close by.

4. Georgia

Tybee Island

Georgia is less frequented by the masses of foreign tourists heading to the USA each year. Therefore, if you want a quieter beach holiday, Georgia is the perfect destination, with unspoiled beaches such as Tybee Island, which is lined with restaurants, a pier, and live entertainment for your enjoyment.