Speed Dating

Who has the time to meet somebody in a traditional way? If you have a busy schedule that makes it nearly impossible to date, and if you’re giving speed dating a shot, you know it’s important to make a great first impression. To do this, you need to make sure you stand out from all the other daters who are there. If you’re looking to meet someone, here are some great ways you can stand out during speed dating.

Dress the Part

What you wear will say a lot about you, so you want to ensure you are dressed nice but that you are also representing who you truly are. For instance, if would traditionally wear something like these gold grillz, then be sure to wear them during speed dating. Not only will these give you and your date something to talk about, but the daters will definitely remember the individual with a grill. The same goes for your clothing. While you may want to wear a nice suit or a nice dress, you should also represent your true self. So if that means wearing a t-shirt and jeans, then go ahead and do that. You will definitely not match the others in the room, and it will make you memorable because you were true to yourself.

Keep Eye Contact

It makes a good impression on people when you can keep eye contact with them. While they are talking, be sure to pay attention to what they are saying. Keeping eye contact shows that you are interested and attentive, and this will stand out because it will feel more genuine. You also want to keep eye contact while you’re doing the talking. If you have shifty eyes or keep looking away, it will make the person feel as if you’re either lying or you’re not interested in sharing your story with them.

Ask Interesting Questions

When it comes to speed dating, it seems like you say the same spiel about yourself over and over again with different people. However, if you want to stand out, then have some unique questions on hand ready to ask the people you meet. This way, you will throw them off by asking something they have yet to answer throughout the night, and they will certainly remember the individual who asked the unique and fun questions.

Mind Your Body Language

You may be wearing the right thing, keeping eye contact and asking interesting questions, but you also need to ensure your body language is right too. Sitting with your body pointed away from someone or sitting with your arms crossed will give the impression that you’re not interested in the person you’re speaking with. This can turn them off immediately and make the entire engagement between you awkward. If you truly want to make an impression that is remembered, keep your body language appropriate. Face the person you’re talking to, keep your arms open in a welcoming manner, and sit up straight to exude confidence. All of these little things will go a long way in making the person feel good and welcomed in your presence.


Flirting is another great way to stand out, and while you may be thinking the entire purpose of a speed dating event is to flirt, there’s a way to do it that will make you stand out. This comes in the form of teasing, but it’s important that you do so in a way that’s appropriate and sincere. For instance, try and tease them a bit about something they have told you, but do so in a way that they understand you are flirting and not actually poking fun at them. This small gesture of affection and interest will go a long way once the event is over.

Don’t Rush

Speed dating is meant to be quick, and while you may be forced to move on with the sound of the bell, lingering for a little bit will keep that person’s interest. If you quickly jump up and move on once the bell sounds, it will certainly make an impression, but not the one that you want to make.

Speed dating can be a great way for you to meet someone who you get along with. And whether this person becomes “the one” or just a memory, using these tips while speed dating will make it more enjoyable for you—ultimately helping you live a happy and healthy life.