James Bond wears one. Hugh Jackman wears one. George Clooney and Henry Golding wear one so well. And you’ve always wanted to wear one.

Tuxedos are special. They’re fancier than suits. A tuxedo is a statement. In fact, etiquette says it’s inappropriate to wear one before 5 or 6pm because they are just too formal.

A tux is a splendid choice when the right occasion beckons. Here’s a concise guide to tuxedos:

A Tuxedo’s Defining Details

  • Luxe satin details on the lapels, buttons, and the pant leg
  • Crisp white shirt with a wing collar or turn down point collar
  • Classic self-tie bowtie
  • Low-cut vest (waistcoat), braces, or a cummerbund
  • Black patent Oxfords or loafers
  • Optional: fedora or homburg hat, and a pocket square
  • Ideal men’s outfit for black-tie (fancy) or white-tie (very fancy) events

Where Can You Wear A Tuxedo?

Charity Gala
Charity gala fundraiser dinners are usually hosted at stunning venues and centred around a spectacular auction in aid of a good cause. Match the prestige of the event and dress up in a tuxedo.

Captain’s Night
Cruise line dress code varies from cruise to cruise and night to night. Some are more casual while others are more formal and traditional. However, Captain’s Night (or formal night) always calls for black-tie.

Formal Wedding
Does the invite say black-tie optional or ‘dinner suits’? It’s time for the tux. Just don’t wear one to a day-time, casual summer wedding and show up the groom! If you are getting married yourself and the wedding is after 5pm, go for a tux.

Premiere (lucky you!)
Should find yourself invited to an event with the prestige of a film premiere, it calls for a stunning tux. It’s these kinds of red-carpet events where we see iconic tuxedo-wearing celebrities showing us how it’s done.

Opera or Ballet
Opera is considered the most prestigious of the arts, while the ‘first night’ of the ballet is especially fancy. Whether you’ve got seats to see the latest mezzo-soprano at the evening opera, or the ballet’s opening night, a tuxedo is a well-fitting choice for the occasion.

Prom Night
Who says tuxedos are for adults only? Teenagers going to their prom night or anywhere especially formal would suit wearing a sharp tuxedo. A bright bowtie adds a youthful touch. Don’t be afraid of pattern, colour, flowers, and even sequins!

How to Shop for A Tuxedo

The best tip is to get a bespoke tuxedo tailor-made! Altering off-the-rack tuxes can set you back half the price you paid in the first place. Tuxedos are special so they shouldn’t be treated like any old outfit. Often, rental tuxedos are made from cheaper fabrics with less care and attention to detail, plus they don’t fit perfectly.

Get your tux made at a proper tailor so you can have it fitted to you for the perfect experience. You can select your fabric and lining of choice – consider a velvet jacket! – as well as colours, thread, and other details. It will be an investment worth every penny. Don’t short change your special day and impress the crowds in a stunning bespoke tuxedo.