The hairstyles you wear affects how you feel and look. Some hairstyles can be aging, and rather than enhancing your entire look, you end up looking even 5 years older. Therefore, you must make informed decisions on the type of hairstyles to wear if you want a younger and thinner look. A hairstyle that brings out your best features is always ideal.

Similarly, accessories are excellent in accentuating your youthful hairstyle and flattering haircut. Therefore, choose the best hair accessories and hair clippers from if you want to style and maintain the best haircuts that will accentuate your looks for a younger and thinner you. Read on for 7 hairstyles that you can consider.

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Bob has come a long way in the fashion world. It is loved by young and adults alike. It is the best hairstyle to settle for a younger and slimmer look. Whenever you want to look thinner and slimmer, frame your facial features including the cheekbone and the jawbone, a bob is a way to go. Today, you can use different types of hair clippers for home and professional use to achieve the best bob hairstyles. You can choose a straight, wavy bob or a curly bob for a younger, thinner and stunning look.

Bob will always frame your facial features, highlight the best and give a youthful look. For an interesting look, have soft layers for more dimensions on your bob.

Beach Waves

Beach waves are amazingly beautiful. You can choose small or big waves depending on your preference. Either way, you can be sure of a cool, sultry, stunning younger and thinner look by getting your waves. You can style your hair at home or get a professional for more exciting waves. Waves give a youthful look and there are here to stay. Besides, getting and maintaining a beachy wave is effortless.

A Pixie


A pixie is a great hairstyle for a stunning youthful look. If you love short hair, this is a hairstyle to settle for. You can also rock a pixie with longer hair at the sides and shorter at the back. The beauty of a pixie is that it gives a great younger and thinner look and also works perfectly well on different types of hair. Today, there are amazing pixie styles to rock. Choose a perfect pixie for you and achieve your most coveted younger, thinner and gorgeous look.

A Long Lob

A long lob is a perfect hairstyle if you want to rock long hair while getting a younger and slimmer look. Your hair will rest on your collarbone and the chin. Practically, a long lob works perfectly well on almost all face types and different hair texts.
A rule of thumb is to keep your long lob straight and elegant. A side part also will add more volume to your hair for a super youthful and thinner look.

A Messy Shag

Messy Shag

A messy shag is excellent and gives a younger stunning on everyone. It has a natural way of bringing out a thinner, slimmer and youthful look while adding volume and texture to your hair. Moreover, it offers a sense of flirt and diva-like look in your overall appearance. Simply, a messy shag accentuates your looks.


Braids are amazing. They come in an array. You can get small or bigger braids. Braids accentuate your looks giving you a more youthful, stunning and perfect look as opposed to most hairstyles. Furthermore, braids are highly versatile. You can style braids into buns, pony, up-dos and other exciting options. As such, you can wear braids to any formal or social event as long as they are well done. For a glamorous, youthful, thinner and exciting look, get braids that go well with your face type in regards to braids size.
Alternatively, diversify your braids, wear it on the crown, have a messy or a curly end on your braid or simply rock straight braids.

A Soft Fringe

Soft Fringe

A soft fringe is an amazing hairstyle that takes off many years of your real age. They have a natural way of giving a softer, youthful, slimmer and gorgeous appearance. Today, there are different exciting versions of the soft fringe including the wispy one. You can have a swoop of a soft fringe bang to your side to help you take the weight away from your face. If you love a more accentuated look and a bold hairstyle, you can settle for baby bangs.