Tech Gadgets for Cars

The tech gadget market has witnessed substantial growth in the last few decades, both in terms of innovation and functionality as well. As opposed to the mere novelty status that tech gadgets were initially known for, they have certainly come a long way to make sure they scrap off the preposterous stereotypical reputation. Year after year, tech gadgets continue to bewilder everyone with their bleeding-edge innovation and latest technology to offer optimum convenience without restricting any of their real-world practical aspects as well.

The gradual developments in the car gadget market share the equivalent trajectory. Traditionally, tech gadgets have been mainly associated with smartphones or just anything that is remotely associated with the advancements in the field of modern-age digital platform. Due to the growing significance of technology in our every-day routine, car gadgets make sure you harness the equivalent convenience of using your smart devices even when you are away from the comfort of your house. More importantly, some of these car gadgets help you ensure optimum driving safety, so you can keep away the conventional driving risks at bay as well.

Whether you need to juice up your smartphone without dealing with the lethargic charging feature of the conventional (inferior) charging port of your car or you require a handy tool that can help you sniff out the malfunctioning part of the engine at an instant, tech car gadgets have you covered. DFYDaily is one of the few places that offer a diverse collection of utility car gadgets at an incredible price, thanks to the generous number of exclusive deals they offer daily.

1. CircaCharge Phone Car Charger

One of the most prominent disadvantages of using your cutting-edge smart devices in your car comes in the form of inferior charging capacity. The reduced power rating that usually comes with a standard car limits the charging capacity, not to forget the entangling cables you have to deal with constantly. This is where the convenience of a wireless phone car charging gadget comes into play. The CircaCharge wireless car charger eliminates the wide array of risk pools involved in charging your phone using the traditional wired charging mechanism.

The gadget due to its wireless mechanism allows you to simply dock the unit at any convenient place where you can obtain optimal access to its various practical features, most prominently its GPS system. Instead of having to divert your focus constantly to monitor your ideal route, you can simply mount your charging gadget conveniently at your ideal eye-level elevation to ensure you don’t risk getting your eye off the road.

2. UberFix MD Car Diagnostic Tool

If you have ever experienced the horror of having to deal with the frustrating manifestation of your “check engine” light blinking away in the middle of nowhere, the UberFix diagnostic gadget is your ideal solution to make sure you never have to go through the identical nightmare situation. This compact Diagnostic tool helps you track down the precise location of the engine that is causing your check engine light to twinkle away restlessly. The gadget can be connected directly to your smartphone through a dedicated app that helps you to monitor various aspects of your car engine status.

In addition to simply allowing you to inspect the health status of your car, the diagnostic tool helps you to keep a close tab on your car’s performance condition and warns you of any technical errors that may need fixing over time as well.

3. Noda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Keeping track of your car’s tire status is probably one of the most crucial procedures you perform before backing your car out of the garage, especially if you are planning for a long road trip. However, driving your car to the nearest workshop to have the ideal air pressure checked is an extremely inefficient and mind-numbingly tedious process as well. In addition, undertaking the procedure of having to wrench out a flat tire and replacing it in the middle of a no man’s land is something too dreadful and infuriating to imagine.

The Noda ZUS tire monitoring gadget helps you keep a real-time track on your tire pressure, so you never have to deal with a flat tire (at least, until it’s too late). The tracker’s pairs with your smartphone through an app and helps you monitor the current air pressure on the front and rear wheels of your car. It detects every minute air leaks on your tires and helps you monitor the rate at which the tires are losing the pressure inside. All these take place due to the convenience of a unique and innovative AccuTemp app that utilizes the state-of-the-art algorithm to provide the most accurate figures.

In addition, the gadget also comes with a pre-installed anti-theft locking mechanism that protects your car from any external shenanigans as well.