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It often happens that a player cannot play on an online gambling site, not for technical or financial reasons, but because of blocking access to the account due to various factors. What causes this? Let’s find out together what are the reasons for the ban on playing on the online gambling sites in different countries, based on the conditions for using online casinos and the laws of states.

The accuracy of the information provided on the online gambling site

If the player provides incorrect information about his own person, the administration of the casino has the right to prohibit the use of the account or to demand to correct the data and ID from the player. Of course, many players do not want to provide the data in the casino, and therefore use pseudonyms and nicknames. This is valid when registering on social networks or other resources. However, according to the policy of online gambling sites, the personal data of the players and payment details must match. If inconsistencies will be found, the casino administration has the right to freeze the account until the user will correct the information. If this does not happen, access will be blocked to account forever.

Use of personal and payment data of third parties

Players often conceal information about themselves by providing personal data and payment details of third parties. Never use third party data. The administration of the casino can find out about this and block the account for good. Using VPN services while playing in a casino is also not recommended.

Multi-Accounts on online gambling websites

Trying to prevent the development of fraud, online gambling sites prohibit players from registering more than one account. If the fact of a multi-account is detected during the withdrawal or deposit of funds, all user profiles will be blocked without the right to return funds.
Violation of the legislation of the country in which the respondent resides

It turns out that citizens of almost any country, by playing slot machines for real money, can violate several laws. In most cases, in this matter, the casino is not responsible and does not punish the user. Players themselves must make sure that they do not violate the laws of the state in which they are at the time of the game. Of course, the casino does not take responsibility for the legal problems of players or third parties.

Usually, countries themselves block access to sites prohibited on their territory. However, with a great desire, players find access paths using proxies or anonymizers.

Using third-party malware

Modern casinos offer a completely new level of security. This item exists to warn players about the detection of third-party load on the casino server. Such attempts will be regarded as hacking and entail certain consequences: from blocking to submitting data on illegal behavior to the relevant specialist services.