Internet Privacy

Here is one sure bet, though there are loads of doubts these days: maintaining your personal data security and staying confidential online will be more and more challenging as time goes by.

Back in 2018, we have witnessed an incredible number of consumers that have been touched by cyber dangers at the Mariott hotel group, along with tech giants like Facebook and Google, which were believed to be unapproachable for any cyber-attacks. Lower danger strikes by malware and hackers hurt customers too.

Those examples are just consequences of regular human actions or software’s imperfection.

Advertisers of all kinds have succeeded in getting better at understanding how to utilize the information you produce while watching television, surfing the web or making any purchases online. To our regret, those actions are not going to be stopped in the near future.

However, there are fast and easy steps you can perform yourself to protect your online security and privacy.

Below you will find top strategies to take to make business understand that your privacy matters.

Make Privacy Your #1 Priority

There are fierce disputes about whether to choose stronger privacy protection options when registering a new device or a new website or not. A number of those settings may shield you from online scammers. However, others such as turning off your location tracking will only slow data brokers from acquiring your information but will not stop the process completely.

To keep it simple, retailers and online and social media rely on the final consumers in order to get the information they need. When buying something online or creating an account you are asked to provide them with your contact phone number or email. Even though you’re asked to do that, you never have to. Use a separate email address or cell phone number for such actions to avoid letting your sensitive information go into the wrong hands.

Always check what permissions you provide to the apps you install on your latest iPhone. In most cases, some harmful applications may require access to reading your emails, text messages and so on. Do you really want your private info to be possibly shared that way? Most likely the answer would be “No”.

Lastly, check what information is available about you online. In most cases, you will find yourself on one of the many so-called data brokers websites that gather all the information publicly available online and combine it in person profiles, sometimes extremely accurately. Running an opt-out would be a nice move on your end. However, such agencies would require sending an email, fax or call during regular business hours. Nuwber, for example, allows you to submit opt-out requests through an online form. Do your own research to get the best results, even though you will most likely spend many hours cleaning your digital footprint.

Get the latest updates for your Devices

Certainly, one of the simplest & best approaches to guard your own computers and devices’ security is to keep all of the apps up-to-date. Those updates allow developers to quickly fix security vulnerabilities.

When installing new updates it is always a good practice to check your privacy settings and make sure nothing has changed to the worse. Most of the time you may check it into your Settings or System Preferences menu.

Use Multiple Factor Authentification

Imagine if you can get means to generate your password every time you log in somewhere and make it completely useless for any stalkers? That is exactly what multiple-factor authentication does. Every time you’re trying to get access somewhere, an app or website requires an additional code to be received on your email or phone number.

Use Password Manager

Such a manager is a vault that stores complicated passwords for all of your accounts, permitting you to get with 1 particular password.

Utilizing a password manager undoubtedly surpasses using “Password2020” for all and hoping for the very best. However, imagine when you own a ton of accounts, each having its very own password? Password managers are all assisting you to remember all of them.