Lads, it is time to take night parties to the next level. While Nottingham offers a scintillating nightlife, we are talking about something more than a regular Saturday night extravaganza. Like the rockstars we are, we are talking about a powerhouse of DJ nights, bar crawls, parties and gastro pubs that host eclectic party scenes.

From chic nightclubs in the listed buildings to secret cocktail bars, Nottingham boasts a selection of spots catering to all nightlife tastes. We have rallied up our picks for the best clubs, pubs, and bars in Nottingham so you can pull an all-nighter in the most notorious places to drink. Best Part? People here love playing online casino games. If you ever plan on spending a weekend in the city, Mobile Casino Kings fast paying casino are here.

Be At One Cocktail Bar

Head into the cocktail institution and sink back the martinis in an unbeatable party atmosphere. The sexy-looking bar will make you feel immersed in a whole new world of neon lighting and a pretension-free attitude. The extensive cocktail menu has a little something for everyone.

It is a perfect place for an ideal bar experience as the bar has a late license. So, Y’all can keep partying with them well into the night. Cocktail masterclasses!! Yes, you read it right, they host those too.


For a truly classic night and quintessential clubbing experience, Pryzm is the perfect venue where you can dance the night away. To give the ultimate nightclub experience, the club boasts six-themed rooms and nine bars. Pryzm packs a breathtaking lighting setup internal a sound system that will fulfill your heart’s desire.

The beaming bar that stocks just about everything you need – wines, cocktails, spirits, hosts some of the international DJs in the business. With a wide range of VIP booths and an innovative nightclub concept, Pryzm is bringing Nottingham’s clubbing scene into the future.

Rescue Rooms

Nottingham’s favorite bar and top gig venue, Rescue Rooms is one of the jewels in the city that is famous for its music venues. This bar-cum-live music venue, samples dish upon dish and pint upon pint. Something different happens here every night of the week.

So, what are you waiting for? End your diet at the happy hours here on Monday.

They host ‘Acoustic Rooms’ session to big house parties and hip hop jams. And your weekend here is going to look like an epic cocktail with a spread of good music, cheap drinks, most iconic bands, and top DJs.

The Bowery Club

Need time to relax? The Bowery Club has been welcoming Catholics since 2014. Dancing the night away at this intimate late-night venue is the best way to see the city become filled with after-dark illuminations.

Let the club lure you into discovering a raw nightclub setting. This late-night affair is for those looking for a gritty clubbing experience.

Give it a shot! Stand holding a jager bomb in front of the city’s most famous DJs and let the vibe energize you. Does it get any better than this? Yes, it does. This roaring venue serves alcohol that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


‘Alcohol! Alcohol and Alcohol! Yeah because no great story started with somebody eating a salad.’

A night out here is worth selling your kidneys for! Not only does Tilt boast an elegant cocktail list, but the menu of Italian dishes takes you through a food journey not to be missed. This intimate drinking den also has a special menu of drinks muddled up using the best spirits. The bar features drinks influenced by some of the best bars in Singapore, Paris, and London.

This hidden gem located on Pelham Street offers a candle-lit setting with live-blues music.

Enjoy your highs with these awesome places to go to Nottingham by Night!