Text Mesage

Organizing any kind of event with friends, family, and even strangers can be difficult. Even in our world of improved communications, people have still found ways to make it hard. This is no different for those events you need to get figured out over text. Calling each person individually is not always the most efficient, so text is usually a good alternative.

Using text messages to get everyone informed means knowing how to do it the most efficiently. Not everyone has the same texting etiquette, and this becomes apparent when getting people to respond regarding an event. If you are in need of some tips, then here are good ways to send text messages for event invitations.

Keep It Simple

Essentially, do not get too wordy. Sending paragraphs of text is an off-putting way for someone to receive information, whether it is personal or for an invitation. Using bullet points or cutting the paragraphs into easier to read sections is advised. These formatting tips help make a text still feel like it has enough information, but keeps people from feeling fatigued just looking at a wall of words that they cannot briefly scan through. Try not to get too technical or wordy, just keep it simple and to the point.

Include Important Information First

As with the first point, you want to make the most important information available first. That way, someone will not miss the details like time, date, tickets, or other necessary information. Similar to keeping it simple, if people can see that information right away, they feel more inclined to respond or at least check out the invitation text. It saves everyone time and just makes more sense.

Use Secure Communication

Event invitations should be a personal thing, and the information in them can be private, so it is important to find a secure text platform or means of communication. According to the experts, you should value your information on SMS platforms. This is applicable for event invitations if you are transferring sensitive data like personal information, financial information, or similar messages, you want safety. Using secured SMS options is a priority for guest’s safety and trust.

Make It Personal

People love when an invitation feels personal or at least appears that way. Even if you have come up with a scripted text that you can easily copy and paste, there is still the option to include their name first. This makes them feel less like a customer, or less like they are being targeted by an automated system (which can still be done), and again, more likely to respond or engage with the message. Never underestimate the power of a little simple psychology and human connection.

Regular Updates

If your event is constantly going through developments, like delays or changes for things like ticket availability or invitation specific requirements, you should keep people updated. No one likes to feel left in the dark when it comes to figuring out what is going on with plans. Having regular updates allows people to be kept in the loop to any developments. It also helps you and your communications team streamline all means of contact into a few areas, which reduces your workload for organizing the event.

Send Messages During Peak Times

What are the peak times? Well, when it comes to social media, they are the times during the day that people are most likely checking, posting, or browsing through their feeds. Peak times apply for texting too. Sending a text at 8 am might not be the best idea because someone is getting ready for work and has things to do. Likewise, sending it during work hours might restrict their ability to get in touch. Sending during peak times like lunch breaks is a great way to ensure that engagement rates are at a high. Obviously, the peak times depend on a lot of factors like who your attendees are, but generally speaking, it is a good rule to follow for any digital communications.


Phone calls, emails, or newsletters might be some of the traditional ways to get in touch with guests for an event, but text messages are a much more efficient example of contemporary options. They offer you the flexibility that is needed when dealing with sensitive or personal information but is great for getting the right amount of detail. These tips help you utilize texting to get the most out of your messaging platforms and deliver useful information for your event.