Denim Jeans

As denim remains a popular material for a number of reasons, particularly for fashion and comfort, their humble beginnings are often overlooked. First used as a practical material for workers, this material has a number of uses that can benefit almost anyone. In this article, we will be looking into the history of denim fashion and how this has influenced how we use the material in popular fashion today.

The Beginnings Of Denim In Fashion

Denim has been a statement in fashion for a number of years now with many opting for their beloved jeans every day. But it is important to note that the use of denim was not always just for fashion. Since their invention by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873, the fashion world has changed forever. Whether it is a pair of denim jeans or denim jackets, people have been incorporating this material into their wardrobes for generations, but where did it all begin?

Denim For Workwear

During the 19th-century gold rush in California, the need for durable workwear continued to increase. These would need to be durable enough to withstand the job in the mines. At this time, denim trousers were worn by workers just for their durability rather than for fashion purposes. The materials were used to make long-sleeved t-shirts as well as trousers to be worn when working the mines. Due to the nature of the fabric, it is more resistant to abrasions and tear than other fabrics this is part of the appeal for so many.

Denim In The Latest Fashion

Since this time, denim has been used for a number of different fashion purposes. Whether it is a denim boiler suit or a new pair of Ag jeans at Trilogy, there are a number of new and exciting designs for you to choose from. This is ideal as this allows you to stay on trend at all times in the year without having to spend a small fortune. By investing in denim in different colors and cuts, you can style your denim in any way that you want for a night out on the town or even running errands at home.

Pop Culture And Their Influence On the Denim Industry.

The final major turning point in the history of denim was the influence that pop culture icons such as celebrities had on the industry. Some of the biggest figures at this time that we’re at the forefront of this trend were icons such as Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marlon Brando. Each of these wore jeans in the early part of their popularity, making this a popular choice for those that looked up to these superstars. However, the trend of both men and women wearing jeans did not come into effect until the late 1950’s early 1960’s.

With this in mind, this modern-day go-to item is one that dates back hundreds of years for both practicality and the rebellious look, making this a favorite that is sure to stick around for a number of years to follow. Will you be investing in some new jeans this new year?