Animal Crossing New Horizons

With most people staying at home due to lockdowns and social distancing, Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) has provided an island utopia for people to seek refuge in during these uncertain times. In this game, players are the lone humans surrounded by a bunch of cute animals. Our reviewers at have tested it and here’s why you should definitely give it a go!


Because of COVID-19, many of us find ourselves stuck at home. Despite having so much free time, we can’t travel around outside, except to buy groceries. Animal Crossing provides you a way to live out your traveling dreams in the comfort of your home. You can camp on this island: pitch a tent, build a campfire, or forage fruits in the wild.

When you collect items like bugs or plant flowers, your achievements are tracked by the Nook Miles reward program. This allows you to buy in-game items such as a ticket to a Mystery Island or a brand new hairstyle. You don’t just explore places and discover things on this island, you also get to know the cute animal inhabitants along the way.


As the lone human on this island, you are tasked with building infrastructures that will help your island thrive. After exploring the island and racking up Nook Miles, you can upgrade from a tent in the forest to a full-fledged house. Afterward, you can put up a shop where you can buy many things ranging from basic tools and flower seeds to sets of furniture.

After putting up shops, you can build houses for other villagers to move in. If you want to build bridges or a Campground so that villagers are able to visit you, you may. With more villagers around, you can speak to them or engage in trade with them. All in all, isn’t that what a thriving society is all about? A population that keeps on growing! (ACNH Tagline: Population: Growing)


If you’re bored while at home but don’t want to be stressed by violence or keeping your character alive, Animal Crossing is for you. As an open-world simulation game, you don’t have to worry about your progress. Play at your own pace without the pressure of monsters trying to kill you or hunger killing your character.

You can enjoy customizing your character and explore the island without a time limit. You can play anytime and as little or as long as you want to. The island’s time is the same as the current time so it’s hard to lose track of daylight when you’re playing this game.


Animal Crossing isn’t just some mindless game to play in order to make time pass. It’s actually a pretty creative game. You’re building your own island how you want it, with shops and bridges. What more? You can build your own dream house without actually spending a lot of money. Go crazy with the enormous number of customizations that you can have for your island. You can build your own paradise.

Plus! It’s not only the island that you can customize, but you can also customize your own character. Animal Crossing allows you to design your own patterns for clothing and other objects. Express your personality with a funky haircut or explore your inner-fashionista with unique clothing. Only your imagination is the limit of what you can create.


It’s easy to feel lonely when you’re all alone at home or if you can’t go out. With Animal Crossing, not only are you provided a world to explore, but you can also interact with other players also stuck in their homes. Remember: we are together alone. In Animal Crossing, you can hold mini-meetings to play together. Visit each other’s islands or live together on the same island, there is a playing style to suit every type of personality.

To an extent, you can even hold virtual weddings or parties. All these interactions without actually going out of your home or visiting others. Since the time in the game is the same in real-life, there is no need to worry about setting up confusing times. If the party is at 8 in the evening, it’s 8 in the evening… unless you want to be fashionably late.


Animal Crossing may sound like a kiddie game at first and its bright and cheerful aesthetic may seem immature, but it is a game loved by people of all ages and demographics. Whether you grew up with the game or you’re new to it, the entry barrier is so low, you don’t need to hesitate about joining the game. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to play this game. You just have to enjoy it.


Maybe this Animal Crossing is just a hype. Maybe we’re only addicted to it because we can’t go out of our homes nor hang out with friends, but one thing’s for sure: Animal Crossing will always be there for you. Even if you end up leaving it for a long time, your animal friends will always greet you with smiles on their faces and be glad that you’re back.

So if you’re not playing Animal Crossing yet, why don’t you try Animal Crossing and see for yourself? We now have so much time in our hands. Relax and enjoy yourself. You may not be able to party with friends or relatives, but you can do so in Animal Crossing.