Are you moving into your first apartment? While it’s quite exciting, this time can also feel overwhelming, as there is so much to do. The only way to keep the chaos to a minimum is by planning and being organized.

In this post, we’re sharing a checklist of things you should do before moving. Let’s get started.

1. Set Up Your Utilities

You will need electricity, gas, water supply and internet connection for your new apartment. At times, it’s possible to transfer your existing plan, but this is a good opportunity to look around and shop for better plans. You can start off by search for the cheapest electricity and sign up for an affordable energy plan.

2. Forward Your Mail

Don’t forget to change your address for all your snail mail, bills, and packages. Also, does your apartment building offer an individual mail slot? Do you have a doorman to receive your packages in your absence? Figure all this out before you end up misplacing an important package.

3. Get a Thorough Clean

Even if the apartment was recently cleaned, it would likely accumulate dust by the time you move in. Make sure you thoroughly clean the space to meet your standards before bringing in your belongings.

If your budget allows, it would be best to hire a professional cleaner who can quickly clean everything from carpets to kitchen cabinets and difficult-to-reach corners.

4. Get Repairs Done First

This is also a good time to give your new apartment a fresh coat of paint. You should also install any lighting fixtures and power strips or get minor repairs done. Since the apartment won’t have any furniture, it would be much easier to move around.

5. Upgrade Your Locks

You don’t know how many people the previous tenants gave the apartment keys to. To be on the safer side, get your locks upgraded.

6. Get An Extra Set Of Keys

In the mayhem of packing and moving, it’s so easy to lose something as small as apartment keys. Instead of being locked out with all your stuff, be prepared for such situations by getting a set of spare keys made. Remember to keep both sets of keys in separate places.

7. Check Alarm Systems

Before moving in, ensure that the space is appropriately equipped for fire safety. Hire a professional to check and test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors if you have them. Install new batteries, if required.

8. Get to Know Your Neighbours & Neighbourhood

If while visiting your new place you see your future neighbor out, pop over and say hello. Go ahead and ask any questions you may have about the neighborhood. And if you’re feeling especially bold, knock on their door and introduce yourself!

Rather than running around like a headless chicken looking for the local pharmacy, make yourself familiar with your new neighborhood. Before the moving date, take out time to explore the neighborhood to know where all the essential stores are located.

9. Get Heating Systems Looked At

Hire a heating professional to take a look at your heating system or aircon and provide any necessary maintenance service. Proper servicing will ensure not only high performance but also make sure efficient energy consumption.

10. Locate Your Meter Box & Main Water Valve

What if a pipe bursts and fills your house with water, or there is a faulty wire? You should know where the meter box and main water valve are located so that you can quickly shut them off in case of emergencies or who is in charge of maintenance for the building lot.

The Bottom Line

Starting the process and planning everything at least three weeks in advance would be ideal. We hope you find this checklist helpful for a stress-free moving experience.