Cannabis Jars

In normal circumstances, you may not be bothered by storing cannabis products. You most likely only buy as much as you need for a given duration. However, there are times when storage becomes a concern. You may find a fantastic strain of cannabis that you use and have come to like for its benefits. You may buy enough to last you several months so that you will not lack it when you need it. However, you may not have considered how to keep these products so that they do not go bad. So, how do you store your stash to ensure that it remains fresh?

Below are some tips on how to store cannabis concentrates and edibles:

Effects of poor cannabis products storage

Although you may want to keep away your concentrates and edibles from curious people, the main idea behind storing it is to preserve its freshness. Additionally, if you do not store your cannabis products, their fantastic taste and high quality may be compromised. It is critical to ensure that you keep your cannabis products away from the following risk factors:

· Sources of heat
· Moisture and humidity
· Direct light and excess exposure to the sun
· Molds or mildew
· Contaminants
· Bugs

If you leave the products outside and exposed to these factors, they will be spoiled in a matter of days. If it is marijuana, it will lose it potency. Cannabis products are degraded by the above things. But oxygen, heat, and light have a significant effect on your extract and edibles’ ultimate expiration date.

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Ideal storage for cannabis products

The storage methods will differ from one person to another and depending on the type of product. As it is, cannabis can be stored almost indefinitely if done correctly and in the right conditions. However, the storage duration depends on the product and storage method. Below are some of the most common storage methods:

Airtight containers

You can store concentrates for up to a month in airtight containers. First, wrap small quantities of concentrates in parchment paper, then seal each of the wrapped pieces in a zip-top bag before storing them in containers.

Glass jars

Depending on the product you want to preserve, glass jars, mason jars, and various glass containers are ideal. Vacuum sealed jars kept in the dry storage section of the refrigerator are perfect for non-sticky products. Sticky ones like shatter should be appropriately wrapped in parchment paper before putting them in the containers. Colored mason jars, specifically brown or green, are better storage for cannabis to reduce exposure to damaging UV rays.

Silicone containers

For short-term storage, silicone containers may be used. It would be best to get a container that is as close as possible to the amount of concentrate you are storing to reduce moisture buildup.


You could store your concentrates by freezing for up to one year without a significant loss of quality or taste. But you should be careful when preparing the products for freezing to remove the excess air to avoid moisture if there are temperature changes. It would help if you also went slowly on defrosting the products when you remove them from the freezer. This is because sudden temperature changes can ruin the taste or mess up your concentrate.


Cannabis edibles are best suited for this method, especially those made with sugar, flour, and oil. Before storage, wrap the edibles with aluminum foil or wax paper because plastic can affect the flavor. Put the packaged edibles in airtight containers before refrigeration. Cannabis-infused oil is best stored in the fridge while cannabutter can either be kept in a freezer or a fridge when in an airtight glass jar or container.


As you store cannabis products, avoid transparent containers because the products can be easily affected by light. You should also minimize using plastics since they are poor in sealing out air and moisture and instead use glass and silicone containers. Avoid storing cannabis in direct sunlight at all costs. And to be sure of fresh and quality products, always buy from reputable vendors, but still question the freshness if they have the products in plastic bags or are not pre-packaged.