It is hard for the fact to sink in that more than half a year has gone by in the blink of an eye fighting a virus that put millions of human lives in jeopardy. And if the fear of the invisible enemy was not enough, the rate at which the lockdown has affected the worldwide economy, people are going out of jobs like it is no big deal. The economy is tanking, and the fear of losing livelihood has emerged as a greater threat than the virus itself. People are looking for alternative ways of earning money and taking up odd jobs that they would perhaps otherwise not thought about. And this is not the scene in any one country. Countries all around the globe have somewhat the same scene. While a few efficiently managed countries have lifted the lockdown and gone back to their normal lives after having controlled the spread of the virus efficiently, most others are still struggling to contain the threat. However, life goes on, and people will eventually have to make peace with the fact that social distancing, frequent sanitizing, and wearing masks is the new normal.


Speaking of the new normal, while things look quite bleak for many industries, most businesses have resumed following the safety protocols. One such industry is the jewellery industry. Now at a time when thousands are facing unemployment, buying jewellery does not really fit the context. The industry has suffered severe losses, and for the most part, the industry and its people’s misery lies in as subtext. However, like we just said. Life goes on, and people need to spring back up on their feet to earn a living. Therefore, keeping in tandem with the social distancing protocols and the threat of a virus looming large, here is what the fate holds for the jewellery industry post lockdown.

Much of the Industry’s Business Will Thrive Online:

Online business has always been looked up to as a means to further business endeavors and reap more profits. But, that has always been put second in line with the primary emphasis laid on physical stores where customers could flock in, browse for items, and get what they want. However, with the COVID-19 crisis, still looking as large as life, online business has gone on to become the primary means of keeping the industry alive. Doorstep delivery, virtual interactions, and an upgraded website are what shall keep the industry afloat in such trying times. Plus, with an online business, there comes the associated risk of cyberthreats. The industry must rope inappropriate people and measures to enhance the security of their customer information and transaction details so that they can minimize the risks of being hacked.


Frequent Sanitizing and Social Distancing for an Indefinite Period:

The second and perhaps the most obvious point that we need to discuss in regard to the jewellery industry or any other industry is that there is absolutely no way that physical stores could open up without following the safety protocols as laid down by the World Health Organization. Social distancing, frequent sanitizing and wearing masks will have to be made mandatory for the customers as well as the store employees. Besides the obvious protocols, some stores might even go to the extent of thermal screening their customers before they enter the shop, for added safety. At a time when people are running out of jobs, buying jewellery could be thought of as a luxury. Store owners cannot afford to lose more customers and increase the risk of infection by throwing caution to the wind. People are losing jobs by the hour, and most are looking for alternative and safe options to earn money for a living. People are now also opting to play on and other sites like these so that they can make money without having to go outside. At times as such, industries, especially the ones that sell expensive products and services, cannot afford to lose more business and impact the health of their customers by being careless and irresponsible.

Wrapping the Article Up:

This year is turning out to be nightmarish in every way. And while we do not intend to demotivate people or deter the fighting spirits of people, it cannot be refuted that one needs to be in the know to adjust to the new normal. There is no point in being in denial. We must act according to the requirement of the time. The discussion that ensued sheds light on what the fate of the jewellery industry looks like or might look like in the months to come. It is essential that we mold ourselves to the same design to fight the virus effectively and win the battle.