Birthday Ideas for Your Husband

It’s this time of the year once again – your husband’s birthday. You love him dearly, and you want to make sure that he feels appreciated on his special day. So, the gift should be special as well, right? What should you get him this time?

Don’t worry if you don’t have any amazing ideas – it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad wife. But if you really need some help, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to know our excellent ideas for birthday presents.

Monster Trucks Show

If you think that size doesn’t matter, then think again. Monster trucks wouldn’t be equally as cool if it weren’t for their size. If your husband enjoys watching monster trucks on TV, you could take him to watch those pretties in real life.

The show is going to be noisy, dirty, and full of testosterone – it’s hard to imagine a better way to celebrate your husbands’ birthday. Even if you aren’t that big on those huge vehicles, your sacrifice will be rewarded: your husband will be excited like a little boy.

Professional Wrestling

We all know that wrestling is fake, but it doesn’t impact our enjoyment. Fake things, like fake tits or silicone toy pussy can be fun. When you go to the cinema, you don’t yell at the screen that the actors are faking it.

If you know that your husband loves WWE, then it doesn’t matter how old he is – the struggles of wrestlers look much better when you can smell the sweat and blood. If his birthday is in March or April, then you are particularly lucky, as you could take him to Wrestlemania, which would win you his gratitude forever.


If you and your husband don’t mind getting dirty and sweaty, you should consider taking him to a game of paintball. You could finally test out who has better reflexes and who is more cunning.

If you think that you have absolutely no chance of winning against your husband, you could start practicing before his birthday. Not that we would advise cheating, but you should consider this method of gaining an unfair advantage.

A Trip to the Mountains

If one of you often complains that you don’t spend enough time together, you could go on a trip to the mountains. This way, you would have a break from all the technology that is typically ever-present in our lives.

If you aren’t very physically active and don’t have much experience with mountain trips, then we recommend not being too ambitious, or you might find yourself tired and lost in the mountains while it starts raining. It would certainly add some emotions to your relationship but probably not the type that you are looking for.

However, jokes aside, you could spend your time surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery, which is something that could relieve your stress. After the trip is finished, your bond would be strengthened, even more so if you’ve encountered some adversities on the path.

Paint a Picture of Him!

Okay, we know that most probably, your painting skills are mediocre at best, but it’s not a problem in the slightest! We would go as far as to say that your gift would be even more valuable if you don’t know a thing about painting.

We promise that he’ll love it – that is unless your husband doesn’t have a sense of humor. However, if that were the case, would you be married to him?

Have Sex in a Cheap Motel

Although as we get older, we become better at sex, somehow the sex in our youth was more exciting. Why? That’s because there was an element of secrecy and uncertainty. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with sex in your bedroom, but you can scream and call him names, and no one will bat an eye. What is the solution to this problem?

You could rent a room in a cheap motel, somewhere on the outskirts of the city, and spend there a passionate night or two. However, it’s not that simple. You need to conduct research beforehand. Why? The motel that you choose shouldn’t be empty. On the contrary – the one where almost all the rooms are occupied would be preferable.

Why? You need witnesses. When the day finally comes, take your husband to the hotel, and try to have the loudest sex in your life. We promise you that it will be an exhilarating experience. Hopefully, you won’t find sex in your home dull in comparison, or your visits to motels might become more frequent.


If you’ve been married to your husband for a long time, finding exciting birthday ideas might be increasingly more difficult. However, the internet is an endless source of inspiration.

We hope that after reading this article, your brain is full of ideas. Even if some of them might not be entirely to your liking, remember that it’s his birthday. Who knows, perhaps this special day could start your fascination with professional wrestling?