Sex Toys

Let’s do some maths. An average person lives for 80 years. Let’s subtract 18 years of childhood and teenage years. Then, let’s take away 10 more years of old age. We have 52 years left.

One-third of the life people spend sleeping. So now, we have 34 years left. Half of it most of us will spend working and studying, so 17 years remain.

Subtracting the time we dedicate to shopping, eating, being sick, taking care of children and ourselves, cleaning, doing sport, and many other things, we have around 100 days left for sex.

Can you imagine that we have only 0,35% of our life to make love? Sad, isn’t it?

Now, knowing this fact, will you want to postpone exploring your sexuality and say that you have plenty of time to do it?

We are lucky to live in an era when sex is not a taboo topic anymore. It lets us discover ourselves and our sexual partners and bring a lot of pleasure to our lives.

Now, some people can say ‘Meh, but my sex life is not so bright.’ I have some great news for you guys; solving this issue is not as difficult as it seems.

Here you will find top secrets that will make you and your partner not want to leave the bedroom today:

Sex Toys

No matter whether you have a sexual partner or not, a toy can change your sex life forever. For example, many women complain that they cannot reach an orgasm because the partners do not play with their clitorises. This problem can be solved by… a vibrator. Visit the website for more informations.

Not having a partner doesn’t mean not having an orgasm. There are many toys for those who want to enjoy and discover their bodies alone. Both men and women can find something for themselves.

Just remember to get acquainted with sex toy instructions and choose high-quality products.

Your Bedroom Is Not The Place To Be Shy

Do you know why so many people cannot receive enough satisfaction from their sex? Just because they are not confident about their bodies.

The lack of self-confidence will destroy any orgasm. If, during sex, you are thinking about whether your partner will notice the cellulite on your thighs, get rid of this idea asap.

Remember, if they are having sex with you, you are already very hot for them. Ditch the thoughts that don’t let you embrace the pleasure the partner gives you. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

Love Thy Partner As Thyself

Don’t be egoistic in bed. If you want your partner to give you good sex, you should do what they like too. Ask them about their sexual preferences and fantasies. Be attentive to them.

Don’t forget to talk. No one will guess that you like doing it in the morning instead of late-night unless you say it. The more you talk with the person you have sex with, the more pleasure you receive.

Isn’t it weird that people feel free to undress in front of each other but too shy to talk about what they want in sex? Remember, that in order to be entirely sexually compatible with a partner, you should not wait for a miracle to happen, but talk, talk, and talk.

But don’t criticize your sexual partner. If there are things you don’t feel good about, always try to explain them in a gentle manner. There is nothing worse in sex than complaints. They destroy everything.

Watch Porn Together

Let’s admit it; every person has watched porn at least once in their life. With the beginning of relationships, porn disappears from the life of many people. Indeed, some partners do not let their lovers watch it. They explain that if the partner watches adult movies, they feel as if they’ve been cheated on.

But why shouldn’t you simply watch porn together? It can be teasing foreplay for both of you or the way to discover something new you haven’t tried before. Also, you can get to know the preferences and fantasies of your partner they don’t feel comfortable talking about.


All we know how sweet the forbidden fruit is. Sending your partner some spicy messages when they are far away from you is the best way to turn up the heat in your sex life.

The messages can be ostensibly innocent with a hidden sexual context or more straightforward and brave. Or maybe both at the same time? Why not?

You can also send hot pictures. But make sure the partner is alone, and you don’t put them to inconvenience by sending nudes. Receiving a naked picture in the middle of a business presentation might not be the best option for both of you.

Embrace Your Sexuality

For many years people have told us ‘Sex is bad and embarrassing! Don’t even mention this topic.’ Then- they went home and had sex. But the idea has stayed in our consciousness forever.

That’s why so many of us don’t feel free to discover our desires and preferences. They think that what they like in sex might be wrong or shameful. But it’s not.

Only after you admit that sex is the normal activity humans do, you will be able to enjoy it in a couple or alone.

Remember, no matter how much people may judge it, there is nothing wrong with you if :

-You like people of the same sex as you or both genders.

-Want to try new things with your partner or alone.

-You don’t want to have a serious relationship but still have sex.

-Have multiple partners.

-Had a one-night stand…

The list might be countless. But the main point is that everything related to your sexual preferences is normal and should not be judged by others.

Don’t feel bad about yourself because of it. Just embrace your sexual nature and do what makes you feel good.