Race Horses

Every year, the sporting calendar is full of amazing horse racing events, from the Grand National to Royal Ascot, there are plenty to choose from. But, what makes horse races such spectacular days out?

If you have never been to a racing event, you are truly missing out as they are not only held to cater for the most avid of racing fans but are organized to provide something for everyone, sending every spectator home with wonderful memories of a beautiful day out. To show you just how much, here are a few reasons why they are like no other sporting event.


The horse races are the perfect excuse to get yourself involved in a little light-hearted betting, whether you are in it to win big or just want to place down a few pounds on the prettiest horse, it’s great to have a stake in the outcome of the races as it adds even more thrill and excitement into the experience.

But, betting can become confusing and although it is just for fun, you want to head to the races with a little more than just luck, so here are a few common betting terms to help get you started and if you head over to timeform.com they can provide more help with guides and tips.

  • In the frame – this refers to when a horse finished in a place and if you have a bet on this particular horse you could see a return, depending on the specific bet you chose.
  • In running – this is a type of bet that is placed while the race is being run, races do not last long so these bets have a small window to be placed but allow you insight into which horse is looking good to place or even win.
  • Accumulator – this is another type of bet but involves more than one selection and all of them must come through in order for you to see a return.

The Pageantry

Unlike other sporting event, horse races are not only known for the races themselves but are beloved for the pageantry that comes hand in hand with each, some more so than others. Famous for their glamour, more so than any other, is the historic Royal Ascot, in which is not only known for holding some of the best horse races in the UK each year but also for providing racegoers with a one of a kind experience. This is not only due to the fact that you could rub elbows with celebrities and royalty but because of the rules set in place to ensure the decorum of the event is untarnished each and every year. One of the most famous rules of the event is the strict dress code that attendees have to follow, which include guidelines of hat should be worn for both men and women; including dress lengths, strap thickness’ and rules on hats and headdresses – the rules are more in-depth for women than men so it is a top tip to check out the rules before going.