With a great laptop available for your use, there are no limits to what you can achieve. Today, laptops are often used as an alternative to televisions, a device for PC gaming, a digital notebook for students, and a workspace for professionals who use a variety of software. When considering the options available in the market today, MacBooks are often everybody’s best choice.

Though the price of these apple products run a bit high when compared to other laptops, their unrivaled features make the money you invest in one seem worth it. They are stable, more durable, and provide fantastic performance, no matter what you use them for. If you are new to the MacBook experience, you might still be learning the ropes and figuring out how to combine two pdfs on your system. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it is time to dig deeper and find hidden ways in which your MacBook can make tasks even easier for you.

Turn on the dark mode.

We’re pretty sure that you have switched on the dark mode on all your mobile applications that provide such an option. Besides making your eyes strain less, a black theme is undeniably better to look at. You can turn on the dark mode on your Mac too, and here is how you do it. Click on General in the System Preferences. You will see three options, namely Light, Dark, and Auto. While the Dark option will naturally turn on dark mode for your screen, if you enable the Auto option, your laptop will switch between Dark and Light modes according to the time of the day.

Free up space on your hard drive

It can be really frustrating when you are working on several important files, but your hard drive is quickly running out of space. Solve this issue by going to the Apple menu and clicking on About this Mac. Here, click on Storage and choose Manage. If you have files stored on the cloud that do not require any local storage space and want to quickly remove them, just click Optimise. But, if you would like to take your time and pick the files you would like to delete, click on Review Files.

Launch programs automatically

If you are a professional who requires a specific application to open every time you switch on your laptop, there is a way to enable that. Go to System Preferences and click on Users & Groups. In the Login Items option, choose the app you want to launch at startup using the plus icon. Remember to not go overboard with the number of apps that launch at startup since it could strain your device.


The speech-to-text software on Mac is surprisingly intuitive and could prove valuable in multiple situations. To activate this function, double-click the Fn key and start speaking. The Mac will convert your words to text when you click the Fn key once again. Make sure that you have switched on Dictation in the Dictation & Speech window from the System Preferences.

Easy access to emojis

You know how straightforward it is to get to the emoji section while messaging someone on the phone. This might not be the same when you use your laptop. But, there is a simple method to bring up an emoji keyboard on your laptop too. All you’ve got to do is simultaneously press the Control and Command keys alongside the Space Bar.

Merge folders

At times you might find yourself with two folders of the same name, but with different contents, all of which you want in one place. Simply dragging one folder on to another will not do the trick, it will just replace the first with the second folder. If you are trying to merge to folders of the same name, click on the Option key while dragging the second folder onto the first. A merge dialogue box appears, and your task becomes considerably simpler.

Taking screenshots easily

No matter the device you use, you will be taking multiple screenshots quite often. When using a MacBook, there are different key combinations you can press to get various options. Press Command, Shift, and 3 to get a standard screenshot of your entire screen. If you press Command, Shift, and 5, a small toolbox will pop up on the bottom of your screen. With this, you can choose an area to save as a screenshot, or record your screen. A second key combination is a handy tool for anyone looking for more control every time they take a screenshot.

Wrapping up

MacBooks are well-known for their user-friendliness, but most users just take note of the basic options provided. In this article, we introduced several options that are not as obvious but can significantly help you in different ways. If you take some time to carry out a little research, you will soon come across many more hidden features that can improve your MacBook using experience to a great extent.