Do you have a hard time choosing the perfect eyeglasses to go on your face? Does it take you long, puzzling hours just to select a pair of glasses? Well, you are not the only one out there. Most of us are forced to scratch our heads at the spectacle store when buying new glasses. It is simply flabbergasting, all those frames look amazing on display, but the moment you put them on, they just seem to be the worst pair available.

Sometimes, people order prescription glasses online to save themselves from the hassle of going to a store. These eyeglasses may look good virtually, but they may or may not fit you well. Choosing spectacles is a task that needs to be done wisely and patiently as the glasses that are just the right fit on your face can flatter your looks and features immensely.

The perfect eyeglasses in accordance with your face shape

Yes, face shape matters a lot when it comes to choosing the right glasses. A specific frame may only go on a certain face shape. Your glasses can get easily broken, right? So you need to make sure that when the time comes to get a new pair, you know exactly which shape would go best for you. Read the brief guide to choose the perfect specs as per your face shape below.

How to determine your face shape?

Have you ever wondered what shape your face is? It might be similar to that of your parents, or it may be a bit unique. To identify your face shape, pull your hair back and observe your face in the mirror. Look at yourself through all angles and decide what shape your face might be. There are about six types of face shapes:

  • Oval shaped
  • Heart-shaped
  • Triangular shaped
  • Round shaped
  • Square shaped

Suitable glasses for oval-shaped faces

This face shape is considered to be the most common shape. People who have oval-shaped faces should look for wide eyeglasses. The eyeglass can be wider than the actual width of their face, or it can also be equal to the broadness of their face. You can choose rectangular, square or geometrical-shaped spectacles because these bold shapes tend to complement your features more and emphasize your looks. However, it is important to ensure that your frames are neither too big that they give your face an oversized look, nor are they too small that they deemphasize your facial features.

Suitable glasses for heart-shaped faces

People who have a heart-shaped face have a comparatively wider forehead and cheekbones. Their faces are vaguely rounded too. Aviator, rectangular or oval glasses would suit best on them. Heart-faced people look good with normal-sized spectacles with low-set temples and a heavy bottom frame as it brings out the best of their looks. If you have a heart-shaped face, you can also go with semi-rimless or rimless eyeglasses.

Suitable glasses for triangular-shaped faces

There are very few people who have triangular-shaped faces. These people have a wide bottom face along with a narrow top. They also have mostly sharp and angular features. A round, aviator, or cat-eye would go best with triangular-faced people. D-frames would also be preferable as they would contrast greatly with your angular features and bring out a bolder style. As triangular-faced people have a face with a wide bottom, they should choose glasses that draw attention towards the upper part of their face. They could also choose dark-colored frames, which would bring out their features.

Suitable glasses for round shaped faces

A round-shaped face has a somewhat soft look to it. It has distinguished, smooth curves and no angles. The width and length of a round-shaped face are roughly the same. When you choose glasses for round-shaped faces, keep in mind frames that are angular. These frames can bring out a bold look upon your face. D-frames, cat-eye, and rectangular frames are the best choices as they give a smooth and even look to your face.

Suitable glasses for square-shaped faces

People with square-shaped faces have the boldest and angular features of all. They have a wide forehead and a strong jaw of the same width. As these people have sharp features, they should choose spectacles that soften their angular face, all the while making it look longer and less pronounced. Round and oval frames contrast well with square faces. However, cat-eye or aviator eyeglasses would also flatter your angular features. Colored frames would also help greatly in bringing attention away from the sharp angles. In addition to that, an upper darker frame and a lower slightly lighter frame can flatter your facial features and can give a perfect final touch.