In essence, the walls in your home are just empty canvases waiting to get filled with something. And trying to figure out how to fill them in the right way can be a little bit scary since there are many things you should consider. So, having difficulties figuring out how to embellish those empty walls of yours? You’re not the only one.

It’s one of the most frequent design predicaments homeowners complain about, and it’s understandable. It may often be scary to stare at an empty wall and decide how to fill it, whether you should use some artworks or try out some other wall decor concepts, like patterned wallpaper or stylish mirrors.

First of all, your wall decor needs to be something that can inspire and enchant your senses every day. However, you don’t want its design to be overpowering. By all means, the decorated wall also has to be unique and stylish, but at the same time not require heavy investment. Consequently, here comes the challenge to make sure that the decor you will choose is inexpensive and blends perfectly with your home’s overall esthetics.

The empty wall struggle is real. However, you shall not let the fear evade you in your wall decor journey. So, to motivate you, we’ve assembled five easy and fashionable blank wall ideas to help you beautify your large blank walls inside your home. So continue reading below to find your wall decor inspiration.

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Hang Some Unique Wall Art for High Visual Impact

Decorating empty walls with one large piece of artwork or several smaller ones it’s the oldest trick in the book. It doesn’t mean that you should fill every inch of your wall with art, but still, you should select your art carefully. Nevertheless, what somebody considers art, may be different from what another person thinks art is.

The best way to choose your art is by letting your instincts guide you. The art you will buy should be inspired by your likes and interests, as well as the rest of your room’s decor. Nowadays, a lot of people are framing 500 piece puzzles and hanging them up on their walls. They look unique and what’s best about them is how cheap they are and how limitless the choice is. You can select from a variety of whimsical illustrations to some serious black and white wildlife photography. Plus, you’ll get to experience some quality fun-time while putting the puzzle pieces together.

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Anyway, having a unique wall art hanging above your sofa is the simplest way to fill out blank vertical space in your home. It’s the best way to add a central focal point to your room. Bear in mind that the bigger your art piece is, the more texture, color, visual interest it will bring to your room. So, if you’re looking for higher visual impact, you should consider some oversize art pieces.

Add a Mirror on Your Wall to Create an in-Depth Look

Besides the fact that a mirror can make the room feel immediately larger and brighter, it also is an ideal way to insert modernistic touch into a blank wall. Rather than hanging the mirror up, you should consider the leaning option. You can lean a mirror in any room of your house. The mirrors are a great way to bring more radiance to every room because of their ability to reflect light.

Also, a mirror makes the room much larger than it is by creating an optical illusion inside your space. Starting from a dull hallway to a boring bathroom, leaning or hanging a mirror will provide the perfect aesthetic appeal. The additional advantage of adding a mirror on the wall is that you won’t need any other decorative elements. This easy and elegant minimalistic decor direction is one of the best possible ways to decorate empty walls.

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Build a Modular Bookcase System to Fill Your Wall with Elegance

In some cases, wall art or other similar hanging decor is insufficient to fill the entire length of a blank wall. If you want to cover your empty wall, from top to bottom, then a bookcase system is the right choice for you. You can select from a variety of identical tall bookshelves or built-in shelves that go from floor to ceiling.

This way, you will be able to finally store your books and decorative objects into your new bookcase system. By filling your blank wall with shelves, it will also become a significant focal point in your room, and you will enjoy it so much. So, if you are looking for a decorative solution for your blank wall that is chic and functional, a bookcase system is the best road to take.

Fill Your Wall’s Emptiness with a Framed Wallpaper Pieces

You might not have heard about this fantastic idea so far. However, a lot of interior designers have started to implement it more and more often. It’s the best solution for people who want to make changes to their wall decor more often than others. Framing wallpaper cuts is a great way to add some character and singularity to your dull walls without having to fill the whole of it.

Since the wallpaper won’t get glued to the wall like in the usual case, you will be able to change it easily once you get bored with it. Once you get bored with the one you have, you’ll only have to buy another one, cut it into pieces, and put them in your already existent frames. It’s a very budget-friendly idea that you can do it all by yourself, after the first time, of course.

Consider Putting a Tapestry on Your Wall for Texture

Similar to large art pieces, wall tapestry is a great way to decorate a blank wall. Tapestry will instantly bring a sense of natural texture to each room. Compared to mirrors or wallpapers, the tapestry is a far more unusual wall decorating idea.

Since tapestries don’t weigh much, they can be practical wall decor for households with children. Additionally, they come in numerous shapes and patterns, and their prices are generally very reasonable.

A nice rug is a perfect way to add warmth and coziness to any room. Whether it’s put above your sofa in the living room or used as an improvised headboard in your bedroom, it will surely add style and a little peculiarity to any room in your house.

Final Words

Whether it’s a rug or a mirror, you should choose the best wall decor solution that makes you happy the most. By reading these design-friendly ideas we mentioned so far, you probably already have a clear picture in your head about what exactly to do with your blank wall space. So, hurry up and turn your boring empty wall into the most striking and stylish it could be.