You’ve just arrived home, excited about a relaxation session you planned out. There’s a problem, though. A crucial piece of the puzzle is missing – your smoking device.

You don’t have to call it quits if this happens. There are plenty of household items that effectively replace traditional methods, even if you’re not all that crafty.

DIY bongs and pipes require only three things – flame, airflow, and cannabis. Adding water is always fun, but it’s not necessary. Let’s explore some easy ideas for reaching that high anywhere, anytime.

Apple Pipe

Apples make for delicious, eco-friendly pipes to spice up your night.

  • Get a ripe apple of choice, preferably a large one.
  • Stab it with a pencil or an object of a similar size through the top. Stop before you reach the middle.
  • Poke a hole at a 90-degree angle to the first one you made.
  • Blow through both holes to ensure they’re touching and that no excess apple bits are clogging the tunnel.
  • Make the top bowl-shaped and place your bud inside.
  • Light the herb and close one of the holes with your fingers.
  • Inhale.

Enjoy the fruity taste and zero waste!

Pumpkin Bongs

While not as commonplace as apples, pumpkins are fantastic at-home smoking devices, too. Plus, since they come in all shapes and sizes, you can experiment and bring a big one to a party or add some extra herbs to the mix.

  • Hollow out a pumpkin.
  • Carve out a bowl, like with the apple. Alternatively, cut a small hole and attach a metal nut to it.
  • Stab a straw opposite the bowl for the mouthpiece.
  • Add water if you prefer.
  • Light it up.

While it doesn’t look as neat as a glass bong, you have to admit that pumpkin spice never tasted so good!

The Waterfall

It’s not as healthy as the previous two ideas, but the waterfall is a cheap, convenient solution for a quick at-home smoking session.

  • Grab a lighter and a clean plastic bottle.
  • Burn two holes, one on the base and one just below the bottleneck.
  • Use the cap as a makeshift bowl.
  • Fill the bottle with water and press the bottom hole with your finger.
  • Light your weed in the bowl and release your finger to create a vacuum for the smoke.
  • Remove the cap and inhale the vapor at once.

Throw away the rest as soon as possible to avoid the nasty smell of melting plastic.

Pen Pipe

This clever solution makes smoking as simple as disassembling a metal pen. It works as a one-hitter, offering a high on the go.

  • Take your pen apart and keep only the tube and the pointed metal piece.
  • Reverse the metal piece and attach it back to your pen. It should now create a cone shape.
  • Fill the metal with weed.
  • Light up.

The pen pipe looks unassuming in the trash, but if you know how to clean a one-hitter, you could reuse it, too.

Soda Can Pipe

If you were planning to wind down with some weed, you’re sure to have some cans of soda lying around. Instead of sitting around in despair, empty one, and turn it into a pipe.

  • Poke a hole near the bottom of your can.
  • Indent the can around the hole to make a bowl pack.
  • Make a similar hole on the opposite side – this is your mouthpiece.
  • Light your bud and enjoy the smoke.

Give these ideas a shot if you’re missing a pipe or surprise a friend with one on your next smoking sesh.