Your home is your castle and the only people who are sharing it should be invited guests. The number of burglaries in the USA has dropped by 7% in the last year due to the pandemic. With everyone being at home, the likelihood of your home being robbed has decreased which is fantastic news. However, now we are returning to normality, going back out to work, taking vacations, and leaving our home unattended more often, it’s important to keep it secure in your absence. Read on for our top tips on keeping your home safe.

Invest in a camera

Adding smart security systems to your home is the best option for keeping unwanted visitors at bay. Not only do they record any activity around your property, but they also act as a deterrent for any potential burglars. If they see a camera, they know that they are being recorded and are more likely to get caught, and it will also provide evidence against them if their crime goes to court.

Security lights

Similar to cameras, lights act as a great deterrent. Motion sensor lights offer security whilst not wasting electricity. If someone unwelcome approaches your house and is struck with a beam of light they will be put off. it also prevents people from casing out your home as passers-by and neighbors will see anyone skulking around your property.


Timers are a great affordable option to keep your home safe during long periods away. Only a couple of dollars, these cost-effective gadgets can be hooked up to lights, televisions, just about anything, and make the device turn on and off at certain times of the day. If your home looks lived in and has regular activity inside, you’re less likely to have an intruder bursting in.

Security chains

A chain is a good way to add some more security to your doors. It acts as another barrier if someone has stolen your keys or broken your door’s windowpane. They take a lot of force to break, which if your home is burgled, will also create a lot of evidence at the scene which means you’re more likely to catch and convict the culprit. They are also great for a little reassurance when you’re opening to door to strangers.

Add an alarm

Alarms aren’t always cheap but they are effective. If anyone gets into your home it will trip the alarm which will scare off the burglar. Go one step further and have a monitored alarm that will alert your alarm provider who can call local police authorities to your property. If you’re on a budget, try a dummy alarm to fix to the front of your house. These are usually very cheap and come with a flashing light on the box to look as though it’s a functioning, hardwired alarm system.

Will you be trying any of these ideas to keep your home secure? Drop a comment below to let us know which or offer your own security tips!