Life doesn’t go in a straight line. It takes a lot of twists and turns to get through it. And along the way your needs change. What was important to you at 21 in college is not going to enter into the equation at 61 and vice versa.

Your living situation should reflect the point of life that you find yourself in. The reason is that you can really improve your life by making sure that you are set up for the type of lifestyle you want to live. Going against the grain is going to make your life less rewarding and less enjoyable as you hit your twilight years.

Which is why you should move to one of the many 55+ communities in AZ or other areas. These communities are often called retirement communities which is not entirely accurate. Instead, they are for active people for the most part. If you are active and looking for your living situation to help you live a fulfilling life then read on for the reasons to live in one yourself.

1 – It’s fun

 Remember what it was like when you went to college? The campus had everything you needed within walking distance. The student center had the cafeteria, a lounge and was where the civic life of the university was centered. And scattered around you had restaurants and bars where you could meet with your friends and generally see some live music or events.

A 55+ community is very similar to that lifestyle except for older people. You won’t have a ruckus atmosphere but the idea is the same. All the things that you enjoy are right there for you to partake in.

It is far more fun to live in a place like this rather than the house where you raised your family. You’ll have some places to get coffee and meet friends. There are places to eat and theaters for entertainment. Not to mention that there is a community center where they have game rooms and conference rooms that can be rented out for parties and events.

There are planners for these communities that make sure that there are activities on a regular basis that help you have fun in your community.

2 – There is a ready made community

 Ask anybody over the age of 55 what they miss from when they were kids and inevitably the most common answer is that there was more community back then. All the kids in the neighborhood could run around without worry and things were not as organized. They were more organic.

Then people started getting busy and people often don’t live in the same house for more than a few years which breaks up the community in a neighborhood. Suddenly, people didn’t see their neighbors so much and the community broke down.

These types of communities rebuild the sense of community albeit in a different way. There won’t be any kids running around but you will certainly know your neighbors.

One reason is that the people around you are going to be living a very similar lifestyle. Then the community center is custom made to create a sense of community. It is similar to that house that everybody used to gather back in the day. You can go by anytime and see people that you have gotten to know.

3 – There is less maintenance

 One of the worst things about being a homeowner is that it can become a full time job to maintain your lawn and take care of the house. When you work full time it leaves little time to enjoy your home.

The nice thing about these communities is how much of the maintenance is done for you. You’ve paid your lawn mowing dues over the decades and now it’s your turn to sit back and enjoy your lawn without having to break your back to do it.

Even exterior work to your house will be taken care of and in some communities there may even be a service to take care of small fixes within it. You will be on your own for things like plumbing and electrical work, but for the most part the maintenance is going to be taken care of so you can relax.

4 – Stay active

 Very often these communities are located in areas close to nature. In fact it is the very reason for their existence to be close to natural areas since commuting to work is generally not happening among its residents.

If you want to stay healthy and feeling young later in life then getting out into nature and spending your time in the fresh air and moving around is the best prescription. You can enjoy hiking and biking around. There may be opportunities to do some kayaking or sailing in addition to other water sports.

When you live out in the suburbs it can be a chore to get out there and back into nature. You will not have that issue when you choose a community that is situated much better. This gives you more time out of your car and on your feet so you can stay active and actually enjoy your twilight years.

Even if the community isn’t built at the foothills of the mountains or near hiking trails, there will be a swimming pool, bike lanes and probably a golf course nearby. You’ll have plenty of time to take advantage of all of those activities.

5 – It’s quiet

 There is no through traffic causing a lot of noise from the cars. There are no kids running around screaming and playing. And there is no city noise from trucks unloading or a factory humming. If you’re ready for some quiet then living in one of these communities is a great idea.

Though when you were younger that quiet might have meant boring, these days it means you can enjoy some relaxation for once in your life.