There are different types of casino games in Portuguese online casinos. And each of these casino games is developed by the online casino industry to be engaging, addictive, and fun to any gambler in Portugal. With these casino games, gamblers have the alternative of playing for free or with real money. That’s not all because newer casino games are introduced every day in online casino sites like Betano casino, so independent of your preference you will find something to play.

Here’re the different types of online casino games in Portugal:

1. Slots

There are different types of slot games in the online casino industry. Unlike in local casinos where people play on slot machines, online casinos in Portugal allows gamblers to play slots through their computerized devices. According to Victoria Oliveira here, slot games offer engaging bonuses and promotions that improve the overall gaming performance. Even the gameplay features will entertain you as you play each level of slot games.

2. Video Poker

Poker is a popular table game in the casino industry. Dated back to the 90s, poker was among the top casino games. Even today, poker is among the top trending casino games with new features. Instead of playing traditionally on physical tables, the online casinos in Portugal offer gamblers the opportunity of playing online with live dealers. And also the advancement of technology has improved the gaming of video poker to another stage, where players utilize VR technology to play virtually with each other online.

3. Blackjack

Among the types of gambling games, blackjack games are very popular with different variants of gameplays. Blackjack has hand, multi-hand games, progressive blackjack, and other variants that provide engaging bonuses. Gamblers can also place a wager on their favorite options!

4. Roulette

Roulette is a very old casino game that’s often referred to as the wheel of luck. To win on roulette depends on luck. The wheel of roulette consists of different numbers with certain colors and a player tries to predict the number that will stop at the wheel pointer. The bonus from roulette is enticing with other additional offers.

5. Baccarat

Even though it’s not everyone that is familiar with Baccarat, it’s a very popular game in the world of casino games. And it’s among the easiest casino games to play. It’s an addictive game that provides an enormous payout to gamblers who know how to play it online!

6. Keno

Keno is a very popular game in the casino industry with unique gameplay. In Keno, players strive to predict numbers that will be drawn out of the Keno machine. The gameplay is similar to playing lotto, however, Keno provides instant winning and cash prizes when played correctly.

7. Scratch Cards

Scratchies is a popular casino game for most gamblers. You only need to buy scratch cards online which you can use to check the result after results are drawn. For most gamblers in Portugal, it might seem weird but this is a fun casino game where people make huge winnings.

8. Craps

Everyone is familiar with craps casino games where players predict the outcome of dice. There are different betting patterns and options to predict, which will determine the value of your winnings. Playing craps on online casinos is very addictive and engaging.

9. Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a popular casino game that’s similar to other poker games. However, let it ride offers huge winning odds unlike other poker games, which makes it more fun and addictive.


There is a large variety of games in Portuguese online casinos. And every one of these casino games has different types of gameplay which makes it engaging, addictive, and fun to play in its own way.