This year has been all about staying at home. However, the more we’ve been staying in, the more we’ve been picking out flaws in our décor. Now is the time to revamp your living spaces and add a little chicness to your home. Check out our tips for some interior inspiration that will have you reaching for your paintbrush!

  1. Spring Clean

Start by having a big clean of times that you want to keep. You could even upcycle them to give the illusion of something new. If you have an antique table with wobbly legs, take them to get mended. If you have a stained, matted rug that you love, take it to a rug cleaning and repair service. This way you get to keep the items that make your house feel like home, just with a little TLC!

  1. Add Fresh Colour

One of the easiest ways to update your home is by giving it a fresh lick of paint. 2021 is seeing a huge emergence of bold, contrasting tones such as yellow and grey. Why not add a sunshine shade to one of your walls to make a statement? If bold and bright isn’t your thing, try beachy neutrals for a tranquil feel. Painting shouldn’t just be reserved for walls. Try adding color to wooden furniture for a smaller project.

  1. Jazz up Your Walls

If repainting seems like a lot of effort, try adding some interest to your walls with some prints and artwork. You could have prints in contrasting colors but the same frames to maintain the flow of the room without playing it too safe. If you’ve always fancied being an artist why not create some of your own work? Display the works on walls or add a shelf and layer each piece over another for a layered look.

  1. Add Some Texture

Simply mixing up your soft furnishings can have a huge impact in any room. Reupholster your furniture to give the room a whole new look. If you want to try something more low-key, swap out your cushions for different colors and patterns to add a new color palette to the room. If you always have flat, plain fabrics, why not go for a bold geometric motif, or add some chunky knitted throws to give your room a cozy feel. Layering is very on-trend, particularly with floor décor so try pairing two rugs with contrasting tones and designs on the floor for a contemporary look.

  1. It’s the Little Things

Sometimes mixing up the tiniest things can have the biggest impact. Why not change all of your curtain poles for another color? Or add new handles and fixtures to your cupboards? Gold is having a major moment so why not change all of your kitchen cupboard pulls to chic gold bars? The devil is in the details and it really can offer a whole new appearance to a room. Simply changing the photos you have displayed or swapping round furniture will make you feel as though you’ve moved properties!

Are you excited to update your home? Let us know which tips you’ll be trying!