Like we all know, pets are simple creatures that don’t need or ask for much. Give them the right care, enough food, and lots of love to keep them happy and healthy – but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your own or your friend’s fur babies.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, don’t take the same approach you would with a human being. These pets don’t need much and they might have it all, but you can always give them little upgrades. If that sounds like the right thing for you, you’ll love the article we’ve put together.

Keep reading for some genius gift ideas!

A Pet Portrait

For every pet who rules the house, a royal portrait is a must. It isn’t remotely as hard as it sounds. As mentioned in the section about dog portraits at the Instapainting website, all you have to do is upload a picture of the pet on their website and let an artist of your choice work their magic.

You can choose what style you want, what artist you want to paint your painting, and many services offer things like unlimited edits until you’re satisfied and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you want to give your pet owner friends something special, there couldn’t be anything more personal and heartfelt than a custom portrait.

A Smart Collar

For that one friend who’s always losing their pet or worrying they will, a smart collar would be a blessing. Many of these collars come with a built in GPS, their own app, and activity tracking. Not only will they be able to tell where their fluffy friends are, but they’ll also be able to tell what they’re doing.

It’s especially a blessing for anyone who loves to travel since they’re more at risk of losing their pet in transit. If you want to give your friends or their pets something useful, you can’t go wrong with this.

Customized Pet Bowls

What’s more special than a pet’s very own bowl, and what better way to claim their territory than putting their name on the bowl? You can find countless services with just one click that can do this for you – choose between different designs, styles, and colors to make sure the new bowls are uniquely theirs.

This could be the perfect opportunity to show your friend and their pets just how well you know them, and how special a place they hold in your heart.

A “Self Care” Kit

What says “you’re loved and pampered” more than a self care kit of sorts for your furry friend? Grab a goodie bag, throw in some high quality pet grooming supplies like a fancy shampoo, the right treats, some toys they’ll love and a brush if they use it and viola! You now have a thoughtful and personalized gift to give.

Maybe none of those things would have been that special on their own, but now that they’re all put together in a goodie bag they’re an awesome gift.

A Cute Outfit

There’s nothing a pet owner will get excited about more than the opportunity to dress their pet up in cute outfits. Give them some high quality clothes as a present – trust us you can’t go wrong with this one. Once again, you can take the opportunity to pick out an outfit that shows how well you know your friend and their pet.

For example, if your friend likes to travel you can gift their pet a rock climber costume, or get a tutu for their princess. The options are endless and yours to choose from!