If you’re looking for a theme for your next party, you should consider a Vegas-slash-casino aesthetic. This fun style can really supercharge your party, giving a glitzy, glamorous feel and also giving your guests plenty to look at and talk about. Of course, it’s one thing talking about throwing the perfect Vegas party, and quite another thing to actually put it together. Assembling all the different elements and combining them into a finished product is far more difficult than it might sound. Here’s how to throw the perfect casino-themed Vegas party.

1. Get the decor right

No Vegas-themed party is complete without the perfect decor. As you can imagine, you should stick to casino-themed accoutrements and decorations as much as you can. That means lots of cards, dice, roulette tables, and anything else you can get your hands on. You should also consider your colour scheme; red, white, black, gold, and green are the colours of the day when it comes to Vegas, so try to reflect this in the drapes, floor coverings, and anything else you’re adding to the party environment. The decor is a large part of the battle for your Vegas party!

2. Provide appropriate entertainment

What’s a casino-themed party without some casino games? If you can accommodate physical casino games, you should do so, but if not, online casino platforms such as Casimba casino offer excellent reproductions of casino favourites. Why not scatter tablets, smartphones, and other tech around (if you have access to them, of course) with Casimba pre-loaded? Alternately, ask guests to fire up these sites when they arrive (if they want to) and join you in a few games of blackjack, poker, or any other casino game that happens to take your fancy.

3. Dress classy

Even in a time where people are perhaps a little more lax when it comes to dressing formally, a Vegas party is not complete without your classiest attire. Whatever that is – whether it’s a suit, a cocktail dress, or even a smart casual theme – it’s important to make sure all of the guests adhere to it, because it’ll help to establish that all-important ambience all the better. Even if you don’t want to impose a strict dress code on your guests, you could recommend that they wear a piece of Vegas-inspired clothing – perhaps a slogan T-shirt or even just carrying a pack of cards or a jaunty pair of dice.

4. Make some appropriate cocktails

Vegas is a town almost as well-known for its wide range of cocktails as for its gambling opportunities. As such, no Vegas party would truly be complete without cocktails for your guests to sample. For a true taste of the Nevada desert, try making the Vegas Showgirl, which mixes gin, syrup, and lemon for a deliciously refreshing tipple. Alternately, you could make the Vegas Bomb Shot, a potent combination of royal whisky and Red Bull that will knock you over. It may not be particularly healthy, but hey – it’s a party, who’s counting calories?

5. Whip up some mouth-watering food

It’s not just the cocktails your guests will love you for at your Vegas-themed party. You’ll also need to whip up some scrumptious food to get everyone in the party mood. Obviously, a buffet would be best; finger food suits the casino atmosphere more, as people can just dip in and out between rounds of roulette or poker. If you do want to prepare full meals, though, standard American fare is the best way to go; lots of burgers, hot dogs, ribs, steaks, and anything else that feels wholesome and uncomplicated. That’s how to cater a Vegas party!

6. Gamble for real money

There’s nothing more thrilling than raising the stakes and playing your games for real money. In order to keep the party atmosphere intact, don’t play for huge amounts, but do put some cash on the table. Just use the petty change in your pocket, and take everything in good graces. If someone loses and doesn’t have the money to pay you, or if anything gets heated at any point, the most important thing to do is to de-escalate. After all, parties are supposed to be fun, and the second your party isn’t fun anymore, that’s when it’s time to pull the plug.

7. Go all out

When we say decorate and get into the spirit of things, we really mean it. Vegas is not a town known for understatement or subtlety, so the second your guests cross the threshold, they should be immediately struck by the palatial Vegas atmosphere. Cover every inch of every room in Vegas decor; don’t leave anything out and don’t skimp on any element of the decoration. That goes for the food, too. Be generous with your portion sizes, make plenty of cocktails, and ensure your guests are well-fed and catered for throughout the night.

8. Set up some casino-themed movies

Obviously, most party guests won’t really be paying attention to movies or TV shows playing in the background. The volume won’t be loud enough for them to hear the dialogue, which is good; parties are about social interaction, not quiet contemplation. However, it’s a good idea to have some casino-themed movies playing around your house so that guests can stop and watch them for a moment to get into the atmosphere. Good choices include Viva Las Vegas, Casino Royale, and Martin Scorsese’s Casino.