A lot of people do not consider buying luxury watches because they think that their price tags are unreasonably high. But they fail to realize that they are not just timekeeping tools, they are items produced by trained and skilled craftsmen with more than years of experience. Additionally, they are durable enough to withstand extreme conditions, allowing them to last for the years to come. If you are planning to purchase a prestigious timepiece with exceptional elegance, it is best to purchase from Hublot.

Hublot offers a wide range of models with different designs, styles, materials, and complications. Some are simple yet elegant, while others have sporty and classy looks. No matter what your preferences and budget are, you can surely find the best watch for your wrist. Below are the principles followed by the brand as well as its famous watch models.

Principles followed by Hublot

The company follows certain principles when manufacturing Hublot Watches. It does not just create a design and hand it down to its workers. It has to consider a lot of things to ensure that the watches it offers to the public can stand out from the competition. Check out the list of principles below that paved the way for the company to be at the forefront of the watchmaking industry.

1.   Commitment to Innovation

Hublot considers innovation as its heart, so it constantly pushes its team to get out of their comfort zone and be more creative to manufacture new, unique and different timepieces. It is a brand that never settles in anything ordinary so it continuously upgrades and modifies the exterior and interior of its watch models. Baselworld 2018 proved that the company follows this principle as it surprised fans and watch collectors with the first connected watch in the world. Another example is the FIFA World Cup 2018 that happened in Russia as the company released a smartwatch that allows wearers to check the latest scores, substitutions, and other pertinent information about the game.

2.    Commitment to provide models with high craftsmanship

Hublot combines the centuries-old system of watchmaking with modern techniques and materials. It works for years to produce new horological concepts and intricate interiors, one perfect example is the UNICO movement. Ten experts worked, developed, and designed it. It took them two years to turn the pencil drawing and blueprint into reality. It tells so much about the company’s attention to detail and unwavering commitment to provide timepieces with high craftsmanship.

3.   Art of fusion

When it comes to the selection of materials and design, the company follows the art of fusion. This principle is essential to the continuous growth of the company and a good reputation in the watchmaking industry. It states that there’s a need to bring together unlikely materials to create a totally new watch model with breathtaking design. One great proof that the company follows it is the magic gold creation. It pairs a scratch-proof case with a ceramic-infused 18k metal which you can rarely see in other brands. One reason why Hublot achieves continuous success is its creation of new models with extraordinary materials.

The best watch models from Hublot

1.   Hublot Classic Fusion 524.0X.1181.LR.1704

The Hublot Classic Fusion 524.0X.1181.LR.1704 is the best option if you want to add a luxurious timekeeping tool to your existing collection. It comes with an attractive 18kt rose gold case with a size of 42 mm. Around the case, there are 288 diamonds to add an extra flair to the exterior of the watch. To balance out the extravagance of the case and bezel, the company opted for a matte black dial and rose gold-toned index markers and hands. In terms of power reserve, it can operate for up to 42 hours. The water-resistance of this model is very low, so it is not advisable to wear it during underwater activities. You can have it for as low as $23 999.

2.   Hublot Big bang Unico 411.NQ.5129.NR.IT119

The Hublot Big Bang Unico 411.NQ.5129.NR.IT119 model features a 45 mm case made from titanium materials. The company manufactures only 100 pieces of this model so it can surely make you feel a sense of exclusivity. As you observe the bezel, you will find out that it is a mixture of teak and carbon fiber materials that follows the art of fusion. The company used the yacht deck as an inspiration for the design of this model. You can purchase it for $31 100.

3.   Hublot Big Bang 465.JP.4802.RT.1204

The Hublot Big Bang 465.JP.4802.RT.1204 has aesthetically pleasing colors that make it a unique timepiece. It has a dial encased in a 39 mm round case made from sapphire crystal. The company used sapphire crystal materials for the dial to ensure that it is durable enough to last for years to come. To match the pink transparent rubber strap, the manufacturer used index marking, Arabic numerals, and hands with subtle pink accents. It comes with the HUB1710 automatic caliber that allows the watch to function for up to 50 hours. Just like the first model in this list, it can’t withstand water conditions so you can’t wear it during your underwater adventures. It retails at $46 949.

4.   Hublot Classic Fusion 521.CQ.1420.LR.JUV18

The Hublot Classic Fusion 521.CQ.1420.LR.JUV18 is the perfect watch for you if you love everything glamorous. It has an elegant black dial with a glowing look and two sub-dials with silver-tone background, each with different functionalities. The manufacturer improved its overall appeal by using a 45 mm case made from sapphire material with polished and satin-finished black ceramic. In terms of the band material, it has black alligator leather for the outer part and a white rubber for the inner lining. You can have it for $9 999 only.

In Conclusion

Hublot is one of the few brands that produce new and innovative watch models. No one can deny that it has eye-catching products with great features and materials. Make sure to purchase any of the listed models from WatchShopping.com to avail of huge discounts!